The pleasures of a game world you look down upon

I think about this story almost every day at the moment, and not only because I am permanently dizzy for Stevenson. It’s because every day I log into Animal Crossing and I walk around and I do the weeding – Stevenson loved weeding, incidentally, and wrote about weeds thrillingly – and I pop balloons and […]

Thousands of Sky broadband customers across the South of England struggle to work from home after a network fault leaves them without internet access for up to six hours

Broadband use has spiked in the past few weeks as people spend more time in their house during the day – with the main demand coming from video streaming, video chat services like Zoom and gaming. 

The Last of Us isn’t the solution to sexism in games, but it’s a start

It’s true that Ellie’s role in the game is secondary, but I don’t think it’s subordinate. She argues with Joel. She has the power to challenge his decisions and change his mind. At numerous points in the game, she is the one in charge. She is the protector. At the end, it’s Joel who is […]

Best indie games on PC and consoles 2020: the greatest hidden gems

While playing Undertale, you’ll realize just how much freedom the game gives you. Despite its highly inspired and very intense boss matches, you’ll make it through the entire nine or so hours of Undertale as a total pacifist, if you choose to. Plus, when you go through the game a second time, you’ll bear the […]

I used cloud gaming exclusively for a month. Here’s what happened

This isn’t just companies being companies. Cloud gaming services can’t make promises about latency because they don’t own the hardware and services used to pipe cloud gaming to your home. The last mile (and, in some cases, the last several hundred miles) will be outside of any cloud gaming service’s control unless the company is […]

Remote working could put an end to the office as we know it

Meanwhile, Netflix and YouTube have agreed to cap their services for 30 days to ease the burden on broadband networks. Netflix will cap its bitrate, which it says will reduce data consumption by 25%, and YouTube will only be available in standard definition – as opposed to high definition or 4K. Disney, Apple, Amazon, Facebook […]

Lockdown days: Steffan Jones: Mentoring Rajasthan Royals bowlers, writing a book, hoping to shape next-gen fast men

You know, if a bowler can’t keep their wrist behind the ball? Well, maybe it’s because they’re collapsing on the back foot or front foot so there’s a reason for everything. So, it’s for my role. It’s about educating coaches while helping fast bowlers flourish. There were lots of questions every day at the camp. […]

Government vows 100,000 coronavirus tests a day by end of April after outcry

Asked why he couldn’t confirm about phone data he said: “I have no more for you on this. We have been over it a number of times. I’ve said what I’m in a position to say.”

Government refuses to say 100,000 coronavirus tests a day will definitely happen

If it reaches capacity more than 16,000 members of staff could be needed to run it It will first take in only 42 patients but that will ‘ramp up’ as demand increases with a total capacity of 4,000 The temporary hospital is made up of more than 80 wards containing 42 beds each It was […]

‘Great Game’ in Sahel: Europe Forms New Task Force, US Eyes Drawdown, Terrorists Team Up

“The so-called international community acted in a badly organized fashion, which is understandable as each state seeks its national interests, and actors like the EU does not have sufficient unity in foreign policy to achieve real success … There could be a global, general approach, mixing security and development. States could allow resources to help […]