Water issues at the centre of Mekong Delta planning

Besides these advantages, the region has never faced as many challenges as now including challenges from climate change or pressures from socio-economic development. The region is now more vulnerable to flooding, droughts, storms, land subsidence and saltwater intrusion. Climate change and socio-economic development issues create increasing threats to the region’s infrastructure, people’s living conditions and livelihoods.

Melania Trump said ‘I don’t give a f*** about Vogue’ after Beyonce landed September issue cover, Wolkoff tape shows

In the video, Trump is heard on a hot mic bragging: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything” – adding that women let him “grab ‘em by the p***y.”

Man Utd target Haaland will be at Dortmund ‘for a long time’, says club chief as he issues hands-off transfer warning

Yet despite working with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Norwegian club Molde, the attacker reportedly favours a move to the Bernabeu.

‘It still feels so surreal’: Kate Lawler, 40, admits she fears losing her baby as she shows off her growing bump in candid post

For women over 40, one in four women who become pregnant will miscarry. [One in four women of all ages miscarry, but these figures include women who don’t know that they are pregnant. Of women who do know that they’re pregnant, the figure is one in six. Once you’re over 40, and know that you’re […]

Michelle Mone opens up about “fairytale” romance with billionaire boyfriend

“But as you get older, you realise what you want from a relationship and I couldn’t deny there was a true connection. I feel like I’m in a fairytale, a beautiful dream I don’t ever want to wake up from.”

Made in Chelsea’s Victoria Baker-Harber has given birth after secret pregnancy

The reality star spoke about how hard it was to raise her daughter alone, telling the publication: “As hard as its been not to have Inigo around, I’ve been lucky to have amazing friends and amazing family.

Bus routes face closure due to slow subsidy disbursement

According to statistics from the Centre for Management and Operation of Urban Traffic in Hà Nội, annual subsidies for buses over the past three years have risen from VNĐ1.3 trillion (US$56 million) to VNĐ2 trillion (US$86 million) and VNĐ2.7 trillion (US$116 million). – VNS

Don’t do this mistake in case you lose your iPhone

Scammers are now attempting to phish iCloud login details from lost iPhones in order to retrieve the passcode to unlock them. Most iPhone owners use the Find My service to protect their iPhone in case it is lost or misplaced. So, when someone loses their iPhone, it is quite natural to lock it by marking […]

It’s time to grow social impact businesses in Việt Nam

Meanwhile, the Government needs to introduce more supporting mechanisms and policies beyond existing law so that businesses can fulfil their social responsibilities. Their efforts may need significant investment cost the companies themselves cannot afford. They need preferential policies to access capital and other financial resources.

What brands should do in a pandemic of distrust

People won’t change. But companies as well as public institutions enjoy quite a substantial media presence. They have the power to communicate reasonably in order to fight fallacies, while leveraging the potential of trust the people have in them. If the competent institutions vacate the information space, people will simply go for information and misinformation […]