UK gender gap continues to widen, says World Economic Forum report

While the UK failed to make the top 20 in any of the report’s four categories – economy, education, health and politics – the drop in its overall rating this year was chiefly attributable to a significantly lower score in “economic participation”, which measures attributes such as the ratios of women in the workforce, wage […]

The economy shows the peril of ignoring Bill Gates’s prophecy

There is also growing confusion, compounded by the mixed messaging of Government ministers and officials, about who should be working and who shouldn’t. Is all work deemed “non-essential” to cease, even among companies capable of enforcing recommended social distancing in the workplace? That indeed would seem to be the implication of the Government’s instruction. If […]

Africa bracing for ‘complete collapse of economies’ as coronavirus takes its toll

UNECA has called for emergency actions to protect 30 million jobs immediately at risk across Africa, particularly in the tourism and airline sectors, saying the continent will be hit harder than others with an economic toll that will exacerbate “current fragilities.”

‘Complete Collapse of Economies’ Ahead as Africa Faces Virus

“We do know what to do to bring the economy back to life. What we don’t know is how to bring back people to life,” said Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo. He has created a virus alleviation fund to look after the neediest and has donated the equivalent of his salary for three months.

Coronavirus crisis could push unemployment levels in UK and US beyond record numbers of the 1930s Great Depression, warns leading economist

The Cabinet minister said it was right to put the UK into lockdown to limit the spread of the disease, even though it meant spiralling UK debt, as you cannot ‘put a price on lives’.

Namibia’s lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic “detrimental” to economy: researcher

The second global sightholder sales of De Beers, a world-leading diamond company, recorded a sharp drop, registering a decrease in demand for rough diamonds during the second sales cycle of 2020. What’s more, the diamond giant has canceled the third sales event, the researcher noted.

Increase in Oil Output Will Lead to Very Low Oil Prices, Not Benefit Any Country – Kremlin

“Naturally we see that our partners from Saudi Arabia offered unprecedented discounts, they resorted to an unprecedented increase in production. This has resulted in a situation, where all the oil storage in the world will soon be filled to a maximum. Tankers are already being used not as transport for crude, but as floating containers. […]

Environmental benefits of coronavirus pandemic across the world

But according to Lauri Myllyvirta, author of the Carbon Brief report and lead analyst at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, by the end of March, coal consumption and nitrogen dioxide pollution had returned to normal levels

FPT joins Keidanren, vows to boost Vietnam-Japan business links

The Keidanren membership, the first of its kind for a Vietnamese company, will enable the corporation to affirm its position in the Japanese market, reach out to strategic partners such as Toyota, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba, and at the same time help Vietnamese businesses access large partners of Japan and across the globe. Welcoming FPT […]

Where are the west’s female leaders?

It’s commonly perceived that the western world is at the forefront of the campaign for women’s rights. State bodies such as the British Department for International Development, organisations such as the Cherie Blair Foundation and celebrities such as Madonna and Angelina Jolie all invest in women’s empowerment in the developing world, which is often seen […]