Countries tighten rules as world coronavirus deaths pass 750,000

‘Prioritise learning’Elsewhere in Europe, the first case was reported in one of Greece’s overcrowded island camps housing migrants and asylum seekers, and Spain’s Galicia region banned public smoking and asked people not to remove their masks to smoke where social distancing was not possible.

US college students expect a lesser learning experience

“They are professional sales classes. I thought it’s very important to be able to engage the teacher in what we learn. Unlike other classes, in sales you have to talk to people, make networks and relationships, and get to learn the etiquette of business. That’s very hard to do in a virtual environment,” Park said.

Google announces ‘Camp Google 2020′ to help kids learn digital skills

NEW DELHI: Google has announced its ‘Camp Google 2020′ initiative for kids and their parents to engage in learning experiences together. The program offers an array of activities that combine real-world projects with virtual learning experiences. Google believes that this will help kids acquire digital skills Over the course of two weeks, beginning July 1, […]

The world will not be mended by chickens, but it’s a start

It’s August now; and I see that even in a closed world, the chickens have drawn us out more, onto the little plot of earth we call home, one place in the middle of great devastation which we can actively tend. We took our vacation money and put in a play structure. We took a […]

Can mother tongue as the medium of instruction transform the learning process across schools

Rhetorics apart, research has shown that using the mother tongue in the nascent stages of learning has numerous unique benefits for a child. And contrary to common belief, English or any language for that matter can be easily learned by a child even after grade 5 due to the brain’s progressive elasticity and rapid neural […]

CASE FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The world is over-saturated with schools that don’t work – Salau

The climate for education reform is tough regardless of whether it is private or public. In order to transform our schools, there is the need for lucid vision. It should be one with a clear purpose; schools have their work cut out for them these days; they have to be creative, they have to work […]

This $79 Spherical PC Could Change the Developing World

Dalio argues that the limitations of smartphones, including their dependence on Internet connectivity, makes them a poor substitute for computers, and that today’s computers, with their heavy reliance on cloud-based apps and online tools, are equally ill-suited to consumers in emerging markets. “I went to a middle school in Guatemala,” he says. “They had four […]

What Russia Got Right About the Coronavirus—and What It Can Share With The World | Opinion

In our clinical trials of Avifavir, we discovered that the effective dosage against coronavirus should be higher than when the drug is used against influenza. We additionally purified the substance to enable the increase in dosage without side effects and applied for international patents to the discovered changes in optimal dosage and treatment protocols. In […]

For Rediff boss, early success meant ignoring sceptics, self-learning tools

For a year before the launch, Balakrishnan, now 72, worked alone out of a 600-sq-ft office at Fort, Mumbai. He tapped into the programming knowledge he had acquired two decades earlier, working on IBM mainframes as a student at the Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta (IIM-C). “No one in India knew HTML, so I learnt it […]

Trump World on Reopening Schools During COVID: Astronauts Take Risks, Too

Officials and advisers working on the administration’s response describe the coronavirus task force working groups, primarily filled with more junior officials across several federal agencies, as desperately trying to engage with local and state communities to contain new outbreaks and ensure the safety of those most vulnerable. But those efforts have also been stymied, according […]