Sexual Assault: Sweden Is Getting a Man-Free Music Festival ‘Until Men Learn to Behave’

Sweden’s music festival scene has been blighted by a string of sexual assault allegations, with a major festival cancelling over the issue. On Saturday, the country’s largest festival, Bråvalla, announced it would not be holding an event in 2018, after police said they had received reports of four rapes and 23 sexual assaults following this […]

‘We’ve learned how we need to act’: Spain braces for second wave of Covid

Francisco García, a doctor of internal medicine at Parla’s Infanta Cristina university hospital, remembers just how close to collapse Madrid’s health system was in March. “We weren’t prepared; we didn’t have the capacity to test people and we didn’t know which treatments worked,” he says.

China, Russia key adversaries to world order: Top UK intel official

Hockenhull said: “Whilst conventional threats remain, we have seen our adversaries invest in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and other ground-breaking technologies, whilst also supercharging more traditional techniques of influence and leverage”.

Furious police learn of ‘coronavirus beach party’ designed to spread disease

“It’s been a huge effort for the entire population of this country to get the disease down to the levels that we are currently seeing, but we do not want reinfection and that’s why we’ve got to keep a very, very close eye on the data in destinations around the world.”

U.S. Has Officially Withdrawn From the World Health Organization

News of the withdrawal came as an increasing number of states across the U.S. were reporting record highs in new virus cases. The country as a whole has also reported record numbers of new cases over the past two weeks. According to a Tuesday, July 7, situation report compiled by the WHO, the new cases […]

Inside mind of ‘world’s worst serial killer’ dubbed ‘The Beast’ who butchered 400 kids

Garavito only accepts food and drink from a few guards that he trusts because he fears being poisoned, and he rarely agrees to leave his cell. It is said he spends his time making earrings and necklaces, and is relaxed and chatty with guards.

Solutions needed to enhance English teaching, learning quality

Amongst schools, the school for gifted students under the management of the Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City leads the country with more students scoring 8.58 in the English test. Followed by Tran Dai Nghia High School for the gifted students and Le Hong Phong with average English score of 8.46 and 8.31.

Professor: What I’ve learned about online teaching

I’ve told all my students that, while our classes will occur on Zoom, I plan to meet each of them individually for one on one “walks and talks.” There are plenty of woodsy paths on campus, and benches where one can sit (six feet apart) and discuss the week’s material or the student’s progress. With […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams learned the truth about rejection late on

During one of her interviews with The Telegraph, Williams claimed, “It is almost harder because I had never been told no. The second thing that I ever auditioned for was Game of Thrones, and that launched my career. There’s always competition, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve done, you will always lose out on roles.”