Former Republican Senator Tom Coburn, The ‘Dr. No’ Of Congress, Dies At 72

A doctor who specialized in obstetrics and family practice, Coburn was known as a staunch fiscal and social conservative, who championed pro-life legislation and constantly battled with lawmakers over deficit spending throughout his career. (RELATED: Here Are The Pro-Life Protections In The $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package)

Politicians Remember Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, Who Died at 72

In their article reporting on Coburn’s death, The Oklahoman, his home state newspaper, printed then-President Barack Obama’s words on Coburn after he resigned in 2014. “Tom and I entered the Senate at the same time, becoming friends after our wives struck up a conversation at an orientation dinner. And even though we haven’t always agreed […]

Siva Singh, immigrant who fought White Australia policy to regain right to vote, leaves lasting legacy

“It was the children’s drawer; he’d open it up and there’d be all sorts of little trinkets in it, mainly made out of glass and bits and pieces,” he said.

Albert Camus novel The Plague leads surge of pestilence fiction

“In 1946, when Papa wrote the book, wealth was measured by different standards to today, when people are simply chasing after gold and human beings are regarded as free market goods to be bought and sold. We jump from one thing to another. Everyone thinks they are right and forgets what life is about, that […]

Russia confirms coronavirus case in Putin’s administration, tightens curbs

Anna Popova, the head of the state consumer health watchdog, said Russia was not yet seeing signs of an exponential growth in cases. Putin has said he hopes Russia would defeat coronavirus in two to three months if it imposed tough measures quickly.

2 women work to highlight history of slaves in Maryland town

In light of that controversy, Greer said, “there were a lot of conversations being had and a lot of the radio stations and so forth. A friend of mine called me aside, ‘Michelle, there’s something going on where a descendant of Taney’s is working with a descendant of Dred Scott and trying to address some […]

Trade union movements: why Rambert are ‘picketing’ 30 years after the miners’ strike

Higgins descends from a long line of miners, who were also brass band musicians, from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, historically an important centre for mining. His relationship with the subject is a deeply personal one. He grew up seeing the angry, frustrated faces of the miners on television and became aware that big changes […]

New Book of Jeff Buckley’s Journals and Belongings Offers a Vivid Self-Portrait of the Late Artist

But “in a bar…with two shots of tequila in me,” Buckley poured out his complex, and often compassionate feelings towards the man who gave him a name and little else. “It’s not his memory or his ghost the I despise and avoid. It’s the fact that there is a large mass of people in my […]

Zimbabwe cricket star Grant Flower reveals what life was really like growing up under despotic Robert Mugabe – from friend’s dad being murdered on a farm to meeting the tyrant

“If we had all our players back there in Zimbabwe would be very competitive at this stage but unfortunately that’s not the case. Their domestic cricket is in a very sad state. Millions are owed to the ICC so I’m not sure if Zimbabwe cricket is repairable,” he says.

PLATELL’S PEOPLE: Why George Michael made me change my own will

Much speculation over the relationship of Topshop scion Chloe Green and her ‘hot felon’ fiance Jeremy Meeks after a series of public spats as she appears without her engagement ring and Daddy’s empire faces impending collapse. Poor love.