Delingpole: Australian Professor Sues His Own University for Right to Tell the Truth about the ‘Dying’ Great Barrier Reef

By a decade later, studies of the reef had exploded, along with the number of marine biologists doing them. What all these scientists lacked, however, was historical perspective. There are almost no records of earlier eras to compare with current conditions. Thus, for many scientists studying reef problems, the results are unprecedented, and almost always […]

Turning insects into energy bars: Biblical protein and the man who owns the world’s first grasshopper farm

With locust-love spreading so wildly, Tamir plans to add three more commercial farms in 2021 and another 20 farms in 2022. Plans are afoot to export to Europe and Asia. India is also on his marketing map. Tamir is also researching on long-term and short-term solutions to the menace of locusts which is listed as […]

Regis Philbin’s wife Joy and daughters remember the TV icon with touching tribute following his passing at age 88: ‘He let everyone into his life’

‘He let everyone into his life,’ the women said. ‘He turned every little daily annoyance and happiness into a story, and he shared all those little stories with people in a joyful and conversational way. It made his audience feel like they were right alongside him — because they were.’

World Book Day: FAMFA inspires children to love reading

Reading should be enjoyable; reading should not be a trauma. It should be a fantasy. Reading is something the children should be able to learn something from. Without education, things fall apart.” Mr. Rotimi said FAMFA is trying to emphasize that education is the main foundation. “Nigeria has a lot of children out of school. […]

Protect your workforce from flu in a COVID-19 world

“The COVID-19 pandemic brings an additional layer of complexity to everyone’s preparations for flu season,” Staniforth says. “So we have to be vigilant, flexible, and creative as we work with employers to conduct socially-distanced clinics as safely as possible.” That means moving on-site clinics from small conference rooms to larger and airier auditoriums, or even […]

The world ends not with a bang but a whimper: Last supernova in the universe will occur 10 to the 32,000th years in the future – leaving the last remaining stars to simply fizzle out

‘In years, it’s like saying the word ‘trillion’ almost a hundred times. If you wrote it out, it would take up most of a page. It’s mindbogglingly far in the future,’ he said.

US wishes ‘good’ friend India on Independence Day

“On behalf of the government of the United States of America and the American people, I extend greetings and best wishes to the people of India on your Independence Day,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on the eve of India’s Independence Day.

Delingpole: Only ‘Kamikaze Academics’ Can Save Our Universities from Cancel Culture

“It’s only older academics like me who can do this,” Ridd tells me in an interview on the Delingpod podcast. “We have a duty to do this so that younger academics can have a proper academic career where they can say tough things or even stupid things and still be forgiven. You need to be […]

Hillary Clinton says her economic plan would create 10 million jobs

Stephen Miller, senior policy advisor to the Trump Campaign said “the state of Pennsylvania has lost 1 in 3 manufacturing jobs since China was put in the WTO with Hillary’s support. The Johnston region lost nearly 1 in 2 manufacturing jobs since Hillary-backed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) went into effect”.

‘One and Only’ Kyle Larson wins Outlaws opener at Knoxville Raceway

“As the race went on, I felt like I wasn’t hitting my marks as good,” he said. “I would have liked to of had a little bit better of a race with Kyle there. I wish his slide job was a little better there, but he’s got a reputation to live up to. That’s where […]