World Bicycle Day 2020: Cycling as a hobby

Adding to these, some even push reflector jackets and riding glasses with the purchase. And there is still more. UCI has even made standards as per which a racing bicycle should comply. A number of other accessories makes riding more fun for the technically inclined. A smart watch may not satisfy these creatures. No, they […]

Racist Swedish cake, you say? Let’s have a slice of the outrage

The least likely truth is that anyone revealed their fundamental racism here, or that Pippa Middleton and her pals were planning to shoot the poor. Take these photographs literally and you are subscribing to a conspiratorial theory of the world. Of course no one does take them literally because the instinct is to get angry […]

Despite infection, Brazil’s Bolsonaro takes spin, chats up workers

Photographs captured him taking a motorcycle for a spin on the palace grounds, stopping at one point to talk to a team of groundskeepers raking leaves — despite his positive test result and the fact that neither he nor the workers appeared to be wearing face masks.

After 4 thrilling hours in Cyberpunk 2077’s massive open world, I’m hungry for more

When I hit the map button I’m presented with a wireframe 3D model of the city that I can rotate. Optional missions come in a lot of different flavours, but side jobs and gigs seem to be the main ones. Gigs are substantial, story-driven side missions. Similar to The Witcher 3’s fun, unpredictable side quests, […]

‘He Made the World Bigger’: Inside John Zorn’s Jazz-Metal Multiverse

If Spy vs Spy was about playing jazz with the ferocity of hardcore, Zorn’s next project, Naked City, focused on juxtaposing those styles and other “blocks of sound” in breathless succession. Everything was fair game: Slick funk, ambling country, chilled-out reggae, nimble bebop, stylish surf rock, moody klezmer, or assaultive bursts of noise-metal madness, punctuated […]

Australian cricket great Steve Waugh spills on cause of 21-year feud with Shane Warne

“Looking back, this was probably a combination of the shoulder issue still eating away at me and the pure anger bubbling inside at Steve’s lack of trust. During the first three Tests, at various times some of the bowlers came to me, grumbling about (Waugh’s) captaincy and field placements and stuff. I said I was […]

Arm proposes spinning off IoT businesses into new Softbank-owned entities

“Arm believes there are great opportunities in the symbiotic growth of data and compute,” Arm CEO Simon Segars said in a statement. “SoftBank’s experience in managing fast-growing, early-stage businesses would enable ISG to maximize its value in capturing the data opportunity. Arm would be in a stronger position to innovate in our core IP roadmap […]

‘Dear White People’: Justin Simien Discusses “Screaming At A Wall” & How The Netflix Comedy Could Live On In Spin-Offs

Like, everyone’s sort of foibles are on full display including and especially the black characters that make up the center of that narrative. You realize that the show really isn’t about sort of putting anyone in a corner, white people either, it’s really more about inviting everyone to see the humanity in these people, in […]

Dying for the Truth: Undercover Inside the Mexican Drug War – excerpt

In 2012, Blog del Narco recorded an average of 25 million monthly hits and was ranked among the 100 most-visited websites in Mexico by Alexa’s search rankings, and in the top 4000 for the world. In the process, our workload tripled, as did the danger. We hope to be alive long enough to hold this […]

Little Monsters Puts All-Ages Spin on Universal Monsters with Toy Story 4 Director

The studio is also working on a new take on Bride of Frankenstein, with David Koepp currently working on a script and describing the movie as “definitely standalone” before adding “Universal famously tried this idea of great big connected horror movies in a thing, and it didn’t work, and it didn’t work really spectacularly. And […]