Mental health nurse who’s battled her own demons: She cooks and cleans for her patients… and has even fixed their washing machines as she struggles with crippling anxiety

‘I’m usually a very positive, bubbly, upbeat person, always laughing, so it shows anxiety and depression can happen to anyone. Luckily it passed, and I learnt how to deal with my anxiety by taking long walks every morning before work. I walk for two hours with my husband and my dog — it’s very calming.

Diary of a friendship deepened by despair: It’s summer’s most shattering book – the bond of tears and love that drew two mothers together when they both faced losing a child

The police arrive and the world moves into action. I am asked to describe Dom’s clothes and go to his room to see if I can work out what he is wearing by checking what is still there. He’s in black jeans, black coat, grey sweatshirt. Doggie, his cuddly toy, has gone, too. My heart […]

In The Age Of Coronavirus, Tips On Your Health Toolkit From Consumer Reports

A study presented at the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s 2019 ­annual meeting found that adults 65 and older who got the flu vaccine reduced their likelihood of ending up in an intensive care unit by 28 percent and their risk of needing a ventilator by 46 percent. But the flu shot may hold benefits […]

The Walking Dead boss warns that Carol and Daryl face ‘long road to recovery’ in season 11 after bitter betrayal

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Simon Cowell vowed to lose weight after Sinitta’s cruel jibe

“I kind of grabbed him a little bit around the love handles and around the waist, and his little cheeks, and I just said, ‘Do you know I just want you to be healthy and I want you to look good and feel good and this is not you and you need to address this.’”

Xbox Series X Won’t Launch With Next-Gen Exclusive Games

It’s a model more akin to a phone upgrade. Games still release across devices, but you’ll get a better performance with the newer hardware. Microsoft has signaled this direction for the next generation before, especially with its announcement that “Series X” is just one of potentially several models we’ll see in the coming years. The […]

Coronavirus Survival Guide

Hopscotch: sidewalk chalk and rocks or bean bags Sensory Trail: sidewalk chalk bike/scooter – Make a path of symbols. Dots =hoping / @ = spin / trianges = ride your bike to and from a destination – be creativeFour Square: sidewalk Chalk / bouncing ball – Draw a big square on driveway or street, put […]

Rashmika Mandanna shares the secret behind how she got rid of her skin problems

Rashmika Mandanna entered the film industry with the title of Karnataka’s crush. The actress, who has since grown on to becoming one of the most sought after actresses in the South Indian film industry, recently took to her Instagram page to admit that she has had some skin issues over the years and shared the […]

Dreary chat and no sexual spark: the couples who fell out of love in lockdown

Lockdown has also made it harder to hide infidelity, Saddington says. “When someone doesn’t have the cover of work or nights out with friends, it makes those secret calls and text messages much more obvious. I’ve been counselling one woman who discovered her husband was having an affair during lockdown. His girlfriend had no idea […]

Hanging ten! Amazing images show eight-year-old rescue dog Sugar SURFING in California

‘Everybody has soft boards – soft boards. What do I show up with? I show up with a rocket ship made of fibre glass. If we’re going to win this, we’re going to catch a bomb. That’s how you make these moments.