I Was Addicted To Adderall For A Decade. What Did It Give Me?

I’d had a drug overdose, which seemed like the kind of thing one told one’s parents about. That particular week, my mother, a magazine journalist, was in Europe, deep into the reporting of her latest piece. I didn’t want to call her to say that I had OD’ed on Adderall and gone to the hospital, […]

What to Know About RFK’s Granddaughter Maeve, a Lawyer Who Went Missing While Canoeing with Son

“Now I’m at Georgetown, getting both a law degree and international relations M.A., he’s at American U. law school, and we are head over heels in love,” she continued then, playfully noting: “Like Brangelina, we sometimes sign our letters ‘Maevid.’ He just asked me to marry him!”

Surgeon General Jerome Adams on US response to COVID-19 crisis

WALLACE: And joining us now, the U.S. surgeon general, Vice Admiral Jerome Adams.  Dr. Adams, the U.S. is now reporting 30,000 new cases a day, and I want to put up a chart that shows the curve of cases in Italy and China, which have leveled up and are now going down, and the curve […]