Will follow licensing model to take GBS vaccines into late stage development: Hilleman Labs CEO

“There’s no approved vaccine for Group B streptococcus. The current standard of care is the prescription of antibiotics. The problem is that there is already antibiotic resistance to Group B streptococcus strains that are emerging. And so there was a need for effective, safe and affordable vaccine for Group B streptococcus,” said Davinder Gill, CEO […]

LSU’s Scott Woodward says fund-transfer policy is being re-evaluated; It’s a ‘poor way to run a university’

“Athletics isn’t declining,” Alexander said. “It’s staying about where it has been in the past. The only difference is the aggressiveness that we’re going out there with the campaign to raise money on the academic side to make up for the years that we perhaps should have been doing both.”

Former LSU punter Josh Growden has transferred to West Virginia, school confirms

Growden was a member of a 2018 special teams unit that vastly improved from the season before. The Tigers jumped from No. 110 nationally with a 59.3 field goal percentage to No. 10 with an 87.9 field goal percentage; from No. 51 nationally with a 45.83 touchback percentage to No. 1 with an 89.87 touchback […]

You can’t beat politics with technology, says Pirate Bay cofounder Peter Sunde

Hemlis When he’s not taking on political apathy, Sunde is continuing to work on Flattr, VPN IPredator, a comedy show (!), and a new secure messenger app called Hemlis, which means “secret” in Swedish. So far the app is being beta tested by 10 people using it every day. Sunde says the encryption is working well, and […]

‘Hard deadline’: US-China must reach trade deal by 1 March, says Lighthizer

After a turbulent week in markets, investors “can be reassured that if there is a deal that can be made that will assure the protection of US technology … and get additional market access … the president wants us to do it”, Lighthizer said. “If not we will have tariffs.”

Facebook to integrate Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp

The founders of both WhatsApp and Instagram left Facebook in mysterious circumstances in 2018. Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp, left in 2017 but went one step further in March, joining calls to “#deletefacebook” in a post on Twitter. Acton’s co-founder, and WhatsApp’s chief executive, Jan Koum, quit in April, announcing that he was “taking […]

Huawei ban: Full timeline as Britain gives Huawei approval to build its non-core 5G network

Oct. 16, 2019: Huawei sold a whole bunch of phones despite the US ban, while a Mate X unboxing video hints at the foldable phone’s imminent release. Also, Germany caused an uproar with draft network security rules that would let Huawei work on its 5G networks.

MoneyTap raises ₹500 crore in equity & debt, plans to expand its loan book

The equity capital raised by five-year old MonyTap was managed by Aquiline Technology Growth, Sequoia India, and RTP Global. The fund raising was also led by a few Japanese and South Korean investors whose identities have not been disclosed. Two of the existing investors MegaDelta and Prime Venture Partners participated in the fund raiser round.The […]

Cardiff FC Launches Lawsuit Against Nantes Over Emiliano Sala Death – Report

‘If it were established that the leaders of FC Nantes were not only informed of the flight but also of the fact that [agent] Willie McKay used charter commercial flights without authorisation they could then be accused of the facts of manslaughter and complicity in crime”, said Antoine Vey, a company founding partner.

Banks should focus on building ‘digital trust’ amid rising cyber threats, says IBM executive

“The way the economy is getting digitised, dIgital trust is of paramount importance and that is going to spearhead us into growth. Our initiatives in digital trust assurance is going to be a big thing for this market. That’s going to be our focus,” said Vaidyanathan Iyer, Security Software Leader, IBM India and South Asia.