James Bond actors in order – from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig

LICENCE TO CHILLRelease of new Bond film No Time To Die to be delayed again due to Covid

James Bond’s daughter getting own spy franchise made by Killing Eve writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge

In Spectre, Bond – played by Daniel Craig – falls in love with French ­psychologist Madeleine Swann, who is portrayed by Léa Seydoux, and the film ends with the couple driving off in his Aston Martin DB5.

Pittsburgh-Area Couple Learns Nearly 50 Years Later That They Are Not Legally Married Due To Paperwork Troubles

Fred and Sue Kelly got married at St. John the Baptist Church in 1971, and last Friday marked the high school sweethearts’ 49th wedding anniversary. But they recently learned the priest who married them never mailed the paperwork.

The ‘super commuters’ who spend 750 hours a year driving

Consequently, the Christchurch Northern Corridor project is now underway. It includes a NZTA project to extend the northern motorway through to QEII Drive, upgrading QEII Drive to four lanes in one area, two city-council projects linking the motorway to key streets, and an additional northbound lane on the Waimakariri Motorway Bridge.

James Keast obituary

He was put to the test in an unexpected way when, during the filming of Tess of the d’Urbervilles (2009) for the BBC, a fire destroyed the principal costume truck, containing 750 garments worth £320,000 and his own prized collection of period jewellery, including cufflinks that had belonged to Laurence Olivier. He sourced new fabric […]

Written down AT1 bonds may return to haunt Yes Bank with ‘mis-selling’ charges

But some of the retail bond holders, Moneycontrol spoke with, said they aren’t very confident of getting a fair representation in the case. “It was after sending several emails that they responded to our concerns. There has been major mis-selling of these bonds to many retail investors, including senior citizens, whose life savings vanished with […]

Gordon Murray T.50 Debuts With Fan-Assist, Major McLaren F1 Vibes

Another of consideration for the vehicle’s dynamics was minimising un-sprung mass. Here, Murray applied a host of tactics that combine to keep weight down. The wheels, hubs, and suspension arms are all ultra-lightweight. The wheels are forged from a lightweight blend of aluminium alloy (front 7.8kg, rear 9.1kg), as are the suspension uprights and wishbones. […]

Hanging ten! Amazing images show eight-year-old rescue dog Sugar SURFING in California

‘Everybody has soft boards – soft boards. What do I show up with? I show up with a rocket ship made of fibre glass. If we’re going to win this, we’re going to catch a bomb. That’s how you make these moments.

Strictly Come Dancing’s James Jordan, 42, admits he wishes he had children sooner following his three-year battle to conceive with wife Ola, 37

He said: ‘Many of my friends who are dads would say to me, ‘I’m going home to the kids’, and I used to think, ‘What, to change s**tty nappies and hear all that screaming? You’d prefer that to playing 18 holes on a golf course?’ But I look at everything differently these days.’

James Argent hangs with ex Lydia Bright’s little sister as they meet up in Marbs

“She is insisting that she will not let him ruin her physically as well as mentally, and if anything, their split has made her more determined than ever to reach her size 16 goal and prove to herself and to him that she is better and stronger without him.”