Mignon Faget’s more than 50 years of jewelry designs shared by collectors in new exhibit

“We have a whole section dedicated to her Romanesque Return,” Alexius said. “The story goes that her friend Errol Barron, who is an architecture professor at Tulane and an architect in New Orleans, was directing the restoration of the Howard Memorial Library (now the Patrick F. Taylor Library). People may know this building now primarily […]

Japan killed 50 whales in Antarctic protected area, data shows

“Thousands of other species are protected in this part of the Ross Sea, so it is shocking and absurd that minke whales are not,” said Rod Downie, polar chief adviser at WWF. “The banner of so called ‘scientific whaling’ needs to stop once and for all. The IWC and CCAMLR must work together and take […]

Couple raffle their stunning £475,000 beach home in a West Sussex village where neighbours include Kate Winslet for £2.50 a ticket – and will donate £50,000 of the proceeds to charity

The couple need to sell 240,000 tickets to be able to give the property away and cover the transfer costs for the winner, which includes stamp duty up to £15,000, conveyancing fees up to £1,500, and up to £2,000 for its first year’s running cost, as well as other expenses and the charitable donation.

Police issue warrant for 19-year-old suspect charged with murder of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner on July 4 outside Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed by a cop

‘Really, she made my heart smile and her life can teach us all a valuable lesson. So the lesson from Secoriea today is to be a unicorn – find your magic, use your power, speak your truth, spread your wings and share your shine.’

Pair of golden eagles successfully rear a chick at a ‘rewilding’ estate in the Scottish Highlands for the first time in 40 years

One site, called Rewilding Europe, calls it giving nature a ‘helping hand’ with their website saying it is about creating the right conditions for it to flourish.

Shriram Transport Finance Q1 net profit falls 50% to Rs 320 cr

Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC) on Thursday reported nearly 50 per cent decline in consolidated net profit at Rs 320.06 crore in the first quarter ended June. The company had posted a net profit of Rs 634.25 crore in the same quarter a year ago. However, total income of the non-banking finance company (NBFC) rose […]

Court Grants Mother Full Say in Transitioning 8-Year-Old Son to Girl Named ‘Luna’

She has forced James to live as “Luna” in a school surrounded by teachers and therapists who do not acknowledge that he has said multiple times to multiple people (without Jeff around) that he wants to be a boy and hates being forced to be a girl. She has forced Jude into a stressful existence […]

What Climate Alarm Has Already Achieved

From one vantage, this is shocking progress to have achieved in just a few years, given how little movement was produced over the previous generation. On the other hand, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone, because it is precisely what political activism of this kind is meant to do — not persuade the median voter to […]

Furry engineers: sea otters in California’s estuaries surprise scientists

Now, scientists and wildlife managers are turning to estuaries as potential places where sea otter numbers could grow. In the past decade, the expansion of sea otters on the California coast has been curbed unexpectedly by the presence of the great white sharks that are recovering from overfishing and by-catch, at the southern and northern […]

Hilary Cottam: ‘The desire to connect will remake the welfare state’

Others have started similar work. In East Ayrshire, the Vibrant Communities project has reshaped public sector roles: staff can work intuitively, supporting community initiatives without recourse to institutional rules and regulations. Home Link workers are meant to enforce school attendance in the area, but the role has been interpreted deftly. A small team are at […]