Harry Styles reschedules his upcoming tour dates due to COVID-19 as he vows to continue to educate himself on ‘the fight for justice and equal rights’

He said recently: ‘I’ve been writing so much. I think a lot of powerful music is going to come from that because ultimately you have people who have a need to express themselves through music and writing and film and so many different ways, who are now having a lot of extra time with no […]

Jimmy Akingbola: ‘My biggest disappointment? Not being in Black Panther’

What was your most embarrassing moment?My first acting job was at Birmingham Rep in a play called Nativity. I played Herod’s guard; on press night, my sword got stuck in its scabbard and all the kids in the front row started laughing. I rushed my speech and ran off, mortified.

Philip N Howard: ‘Social media need a radical rebuild’

Restoring public access to social information wouldn’t require a raft of new laws, since most democracies have the science agencies, libraries and privacy tsars needed to administer large collections of public information. Only there can we make sure the data is used responsibly and ethically, and in support of our democratic institutions. The solution to […]

Sharmaine Lovegrove: ‘You must spend a year in a bookshop before you get a job in publishing’

I’ve gained this skill from two decades as a bookseller. Many questioned if I could become a publisher and run an imprint, as I hadn’t worked in-house. But I’ve worked in retailers from Foyles to the London Review Bookshop, from a bookstall under Waterloo Bridge in London to Waterstones in Edinburgh. And I’ve run my […]

A clusterpocalyse is heading our way – so stock up on good times (not loo roll)

Now, a word about Deliveroo which, last time round, seemed the solution to two problems I faced: my urgent desire to support local independent restaurants, and my eternal inability to cook. Well, not so much, it turns out. After I mentioned to the proprietor of one beloved place how often I was getting Deliveroo from […]

The best holiday scents that cheer at home, too

There’s something extremely intoxicating and gladdening about holiday scents. Easy, carefree and wearable, they evoke that very moment when, after a long day in the sun anywhere from Newquay to Nice, one emerges for dinner, freshly showered, skin hot, hair still salty through the shampoo, mouth glossed and gasping for an aperitif. I need any […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’ve never been so happy!’: TOWIE’s Bobby Norris poses shirtless to unveil his amazing fitness transformation after 75 day challenge

‘Now, I have never felt so happy. It’s not just the way I look – the real success to me is how I feel. I’m so energised and confident. I’ve been feeding my body the best diet there is, and my body is thanking me for it. Health, happiness and fitness is for everyone.’

The U.S. economy is reliant on consumer spending—can it survive a pandemic?

While this may be a positive for the environment, the social price is high: Since the U.S. economy depends heavily on consumer spending, the country is experiencing the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression, the threat of homelessness for tens of thousands of people, and a failure of businesses large and small. How did […]

DS pins hope on aesthetics to renew fortune in Chinese market

Alexandre Fils, product and marketing director of DS China, said bold designs, cutting-edge technologies and attention to detail are shared values among French luxury and haute couture companies. The DS 9 it presented on Thursday night is such a representation.

Donald Trump, the Insecure Pledge in the Dictatorship Fraternity

Trump’s style from the beginning was authoritarian-chic; bossy, needy, insufferable, and centered on the bright, hot star in the center of the stage. Trump was never a man running as a servant of the people; he was an avatar for their darkest, most vengeful, most petty grievances and imagined slights from a catalog of monsters […]