Vinhomes sets new record with 2,400 units ordered in 3 days

At the launch ceremony on July 25, The Origami zone warmed up the property market with the first five towers of The Origami Sun (including three clusters, S7, S8, S9), which received overwhelming positive feedback from the market immediately – in just three days, all 2,400 apartments launched were ordered by customers.

Da Nang family turns cards on Agent Orange

“The first time I visited, the five of them looked leaden. But now, thanks to support from local authorities and organizations, and most importantly, their vigor, the family has miraculously improved their condition,” Yen said.

Vietnamese education capable of rivaling Singapore’s in 2035

To offset the loss of unqualified teachers, schools should publicly recruit teaching staff through local media. Candidates are supposed to have pedagogy certificates and meet requirements set by the Department of Testing and Auditing Education Quality. Each school can employ four or five Filipino teachers who boast a satisfactory English command and demand acceptable salaries. […]

Students support O Du ethnic minorities

“Through volunteer activities, the students have the opportunity to experience and train themselves, and be able to understand and share the difficulties of the people and then they will try to study and work to make a practical contribution to society,” said Phon.

Former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu – a great friend of writers and artists

However, he also required writers to strengthen their responsibility. Addressing the national scientific conference themed “Current social ethics in arts and literature” held by the Central Literature and Arts Theoretical Council in Ho Chi Minh City in November 2014, he stressed the significant role of artists and writers. He underlined that writers must dwell deep […]