My two kids snack as much as they want and it only costs me £9 a week from Aldi – my tips will save you hundreds

Your kids may be snacking out of boredom. Try buying mini packs of apples and bananas – to stop leftovers going to waste. Shop at the market for items like grapes – which are about half the price. Bulk buy your cupboard snacks – e.g. 30 multipacks of crisps. Check Amazon for snacks – they […]

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Dishi Rishi’s summer special – money for nothing and your chips for free

More from Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail… RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Get Britain out of this Covid coma NOW!  03/08/20 RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: After 21 years, Big Chief has been forced to hang up his head-dress… another depressing example of the lunatic Left in Britain jumping on the latest bandwagon from America  30/07/20 RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Everybody back […]

Explore the quintessential beauty of Jaisalmer with Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa

When choosing your place of stay, consider the Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa. The latter is the perfect getaway for those who want to experience the opulence of the city while enjoying Marriott’s exemplary hospitality and culinary excellences. The resort is situated just 3.3 km away from the Jaisalmer Railway Station, while Jodhpur is the […]

Jeff Bridges: ‘He’s a real chameleon’

John Carpenter [the director] said Jeff came into the meeting with the character fully formed. He’d based it on watching birds and babies. Jeff told me he’d looked at how babies take in the world, then watched the way birds have these rather exacting and precise movements, and combined the two. I first met Jeff […]

Whatever happened to the heroes?

On the one hand were old salts such as Peckinpah, his mentor Don Siegel (The Shootist) and professional provocateur Robert Aldrich (Ulzana’s Raid) working in a largely classical vein, no matter how subversive their themes, along with aging enfant terrible and mischief-maker Robert Altman, who in McCabe and Mrs Miller and Buffalo Bill and the […]

Suns win 4th straight bubble game, top Pacers 114-99

“He is doing an unbelievable job of screening and we are making good reads,” Booker said. “He’s grown. Every time out is a new experience for him to learn and he is picking it up. We still have four games left and we have to keep fighting though.”

‘Just Get Up’: George Floyd’s Family Stunned by Massive Hometown Crowd

In front of the stage, Jerry Higgenbotham, a middle-aged African-American man, stood next to his two sons, wearing a black bandanna printed with the American flag. “My oldest son just graduated from high school and is about to start college,” Higgenbotham said. “I should be talking to him about that, but instead I have to […]

Vietnam a top 10 digital nation

It added that the Covid-19 outbreak has “decimated the traditional businesses” and said working from home will be a new normal. The report also mentioned that enterprises who have embraced innovative technologies have done extremely well and suggested companies around the world incorporate artificial intelligence into their innovative solutions.

Seedorf gives Real Madrid hope but wary of Man City threat

“Lampard has shown to have had a good, positive impact on the team and young players,” Seedorf said. “Ziyech is a talent that will face challenges, because this is not the Ajax style of play, the Dutch style of play, and that’s going to be his biggest challenge, I think: to adapt to a new […]

Mexico sets traps for friendly bear that posed for ‘selfies’

The bear became famous this week after a woman posted a photo of the animal appearing to rest its chin on her shoulder and look into the camera, as if it were posing for a selfie. The bear was a bit taller than the woman, who was with other women on a hike. Video of […]