Flam: There’s good news about coronavirus immunity, but don’t bet your life on antibody tests

Another study released this week in Science bolstered the evidence for post-infection immunity by attempting to deliberately infect monkeys twice. A week after the monkeys recovered from an initial infection induced by spraying particles of virus into their noses, the researchers again exposed the monkeys to this same “challenge.”  The monkeys resisted a second infection. That group, […]

‘It’s every family’s worst nightmare’: Family of Birmingham stab victim, 23, who is fighting for his life speak out after rampaging knifeman killed one and injured six others

Birmingham Police Commander Chief Superintendent Steve Graham said: ‘Our enquiries into these awful crimes continue. We still need to speak to any witnesses who saw what happened and who’ve not yet spoken to us, or anyone who may have video footage or photos of the incidents or the attacker.

9 easy ways to set boundaries at work to improve your life

Of course, in your professional life, there’s the extra factor of how to meet your personal needs without putting your paycheck at risk. Responding to a boss or client who oversteps can be more stressful than dealing with a friend or partner where you feel like you’re on an equal footing.

No-shows and other fears: Daily life of food delivery workers in Vietnam

“However, as long as you can endure and put in the work, it will make you money. Frankly speaking, I make enough to cover my rent and put food on the table for my family,” Huu proudly explained only moments before he resumed driving to survive in the city. 

How to Simplify Your Freelance Work-Life Balance

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Boy, 11, is fighting for life in hospital during a freak trampoline accident after his parents thought he was inside playing on his Playstation

*Regularly check that the trampoline is in good condition and ensure that the mat and net don’t have holes, springs are intact and securely attached at both ends, frame is not bent and leg braces are securely locked.

One in 14 employees report high risk of losing jobs in New Zealand

At a national level this represented 185,000 workers. A further 18 percent, or 468,000, felt there was a medium chance, while 4 percent, or 105,000, stated they did not know what their job security was going to be over the following year, it said.

Twist of fate that cost Birmingham stabbing victim his life: 23-year-old and his badly injured friend ‘were only at the scene of the attack after heading to the WRONG Ibis hotel following a night out’

West Midlands police commissioner says rise in violence ‘almost inevitable’ due to Covid The West Midlands police and crime commissioner has said a rise in violence was ‘almost inevitable’ due to the pandemic in the wake of a spate of stabbings in Birmingham.   

The pandemic is an opportunity to reconsider what makes a good life

Coronavirus has been devastating for those who fell sick or lost loved ones. The restrictions imposed on everyday life to check its spread have been particularly difficult for people living in cramped accommodation, those juggling childcare and work, and those who have lost their jobs. But despite these huge losses, the pandemic has allowed us […]

Telltale Signs: AI Researchers Trace Cancer Risk Factors Using Tumor DNA

The Mutographs researchers teamed up with NVIDIA to accelerate the most time-consuming parts of the SigProfiler AI framework on NVIDIA GPUs. When running pipeline jobs with double precision on NVIDIA DGX systems, the team observed more than 30x acceleration compared to using CPU hardware. With single precision, Alexandrov says, SigProfiler runs significantly faster, achieving around […]