Abbott retains Viet Nam’s Best Place to Work award in healthcare

Abbott places people at the core of its business and the company has been engaging employees to help them understand the values and difference of work at a leading global healthcare company. Working for Abbott can mean changing the life of someone in your hometown, across the country or even halfway around the world. The […]

VinSmart leader reveals the plan on bringing many flagship products to the US

Talking about the staff who produce pioneering technologies of VinSmart itself, Mr. Viet said that presently this team has 450 members who are capable of autonomously developing and producing mobiles with the latest technology such as 5G, CUD and security chips. VinSmart’s staff has more than 90% Vietnamese members.

Govt has received 3 bids for BPCL: Oil minister

The firm also has an upstream presence with 26 assets in nine countries such as Russia, Brazil, Mozambique, the UAE, Indonesia, Australia, East Timor, Israel and India. It is also making a foray into city gas distribution and has licences for 37 geographical areas (GAs).

Geo Energy Resources Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020

In 2015, the Group transformed its business model and completed the acquisition of the SDJ coal mine, commencing full operations the following year and achieving a revenue of US$182.1 million in 2016. In 2017, the Group acquired its second mine, TBR, near doubling its coal reserves and targeted annual production rate. The Group achieved a […]

Engro Fertilizers Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020

The Company’s true vision is demonstrated by their CSR wing — Engro Foundation — which strives to improve the lives of people living in low-income communities with multiple impact-driven investments. Their PAVE project has been recognised globally for empowering farmers, conducting capacity trainings, providing quality equipment, and improving their yield and livelihood effectively. In 2019, […]

With Kataria at Bata helm, footprints of Indian-origin corporate honchos expand

Laxman Narasimhan is the CEO of another multinational FMCG giant Reckitt Benckiser, while other names to reckon with include Ivan Menezes, CEO of world’s leading spirits maker Diageo; Ajaypal Singh Banga, president and CEO of payment processing network Mastercard; and Vasant Narasimhan, CEO of pharmaceuticals major Novartis.

Pandemic proposal to shut down ski resorts divides EU

Italy will most likely suffer significant financial losses, too. The country is projected to face a 70% drop in revenue compared with a year ago, when €10,4 billion were generated. One-third of this revenue was generated from Italian holidaymakers spending time in the Alps and Dolomites over Christmas and the New Year. If Italy’s resorts were […]

Abbott retains Vietnam’s Best Place to Work award in healthcare

After a quarter of a century’s expansion in Vietnam, Abbott has enjoyed sustained and stable business growth, developed strong local talent, and created significant opportunities. Headquartered in the U.S. city of Chicago, the company has continuously brought to Vietnam breakthrough innovation in nutrition, medicines, diagnostics, and medical devices.

Patton Oswalt & Jordan Blum play Head Games with Marvel villain M.O.D.O.K.

Blum: I think it’s baked into his identity. He’s a world conqueror and a world conqueror needs an army of minions. It’s all he knows, it’s all he lives for. Which is sort of what makes this series so fun. In the first issue, Monica turns AIM against him — suddenly he’s a fugitive, on […]

Meet the pandemic-friendly office holiday shindig

Measure a good day by task, not time. When you work at home, you don’t have the external trappings of productivity (a commute, eight hours spent with colleagues, a commute home) that indicate an honest day’s labor. So you need to create your own definition of a good day. Try planning three to five challenging […]