New York’s true nursing home Covid-19 death toll cloaked in secrecy

Another group of numbers also suggests an undercount. State health department surveys show 21,000 nursing home beds are lying empty this year, 13,000 more than expected — an increase of almost double the official state nursing home death tally. While some of that increase can be attributed to fewer new admissions and people pulling their […]

New York’s true nursing home coronavirus death toll cloaked in secrecy

A Cuomo spokesman did not respond to repeated requests for comment. New York’s Department of Health said in a statement that it has been a leader in providing facility-specific information on nursing home deaths and “no one has been clearer in personalizing the human cost of the pandemic, which is why we required facilities to […]

New Uber CEO Khosrowshahi hints at 2019 IPO

By Gerrit De Vynck and Eric NewcomerOne of Dara Khosrowshahi’s first tasks at Uber Technologies Inc. will be coming up with a new set of core principles. Uber’s board ripped up parts of the original list of 14 corporate values, authored years ago by co-founder Travis Kalanick, after they were used by employees to justify […]

The end of tourism?

Tsotne Japaridze, whose tour agency Traffic Travel organises adventure holidays in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, described the pain that the virus inflicted on his business and those who rely on it. Japaridze employs three people full-time, hires 15 guides and drivers during the summer season, and sends tour groups to 30-odd vineyards, guesthouses and private […]

How the Mafia Classic ‘Goodfellas’ Directly Inspired Our Trump Book, ‘Sinking in the Swamp’

Barely a year into this administration, when the two of us—Daily Beast investigative reporter Lachlan Markay and White House correspondent Asawin Suebsaeng—were first approached to write a book on the era of President and racist game-show host Donald J. Trump, we were asked if we wanted to co-author something on the “adults in the room.” […]

Study Shines Light On ‘Long Haulers’ Fighting Long-Term Side Effects After Being Diagnosed With COVID-19

This was me on April 2nd after being sick for 2 weeks. I had never been this kind of sick. Everything hurt. Loss of smell. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t keep food in me. I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks. I was confused. Low […]

REVEALED: Chris Christie ‘will likely role play as Joe Biden in Trump’s debate prep’ after the president said he was ‘’harder to face than Hillary’ in 2016

His standing with Americans have taken in a hit in recent months with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, his fumbling response that was widely criticized and the emergence of Black Lives Matter protest nationwide.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s smoke and mirrors on executive orders

Under the new law, ballots must be postmarked or “cast” by Election Day to be counted. Election officials are given up to seven days to receive and count those ballots after the election. That additional time for receipt is routine practice in many states for overseas and military voters who submit ballots by mail.

Don’t Just Blame COVID-19 for College Football’s Lost Season

It is not impossible that college football figures out some way to proceed this year. Early reports that the Big Ten had voted to cancel its season have been refuted, and SEC commissioner Sankey tweeted that he has not given up on playing. With this much money involved, and with colleges and universities in such […]

Judd Apatow: The Rolling Stone Interview

Beyond your collaborations with Leslie, you’ve lately come to be seen as a champion of funny women onscreen, whether it’s producing Bridesmaids and Girls or working with Amy Schumer on Trainwreck. Was this a conscious, concerted move?A lot of it isn’t about any conscious choice other than who’s crazy funny. With Bridesmaids, Kristin Wiig is […]