The new HBO docuseries ‘Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children’ transcends true crime

Chermayeff: This was a huge, huge crime in American history. Yet these young African-American kids were sort of ignored at the time. So many more people know about Ted Bundy than they do about what happened in Atlanta. It is something that got swept under the rug in a lot of ways. Whether Wayne Williams […]

Nikki Bella Shows Off Baby Bump With WrestleMania Video

ComicBook Nation PodcastIn this latest episode we breakdown the controversy surrounding the PS5, talk about some big movie and gaming release date changes, and preview how Wrestlemania 36 is continuing despite the Coronavirus Pandemic! Listen & Subscribe!Disclosure: ComicBook is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.

Halle Berry just reacted to Prince Harry’s bedroom poster of her

Halle Berry has poked fun at Prince Harry after she spotted a poster of herself in his dormitory at Eton College. In recently resurfaced pictures, which offer a fascinating insight into the royal’s bedroom during his teenage years, there was an England flag, a printed letter, and a number of posters that appeared to have […]

How to find microphones in stock today

It’s not just a question of giving your sweaty head a break from even the best gaming headsets, a good mic can be a seriously versatile addition to your gaming setup. Quite apart from helping you clearly bark orders at your gaming clan, it also means you can jump on the streaming bandwagon and make […]

Trump’s popularity bump may have already plateaued ahead of schedule

Other bounces like Obama’s and Carter’s completely reversed themselves in fewer days than we have until the 2020 election. Given that those might be the best parallels for Trump’s (one occurring in the modern era and one occurring during a prolonged event with an economy in trouble), those are not particularly encouraging analogs for Trump.

Frankie Bridge fears kids having same ‘horrible illness’ that hospitalised her

My boys are only four and six and I’m very mindful of the things they’re scared of. I check in with them and make them feel better about their fears. I guess I’m a bit paranoid. I’m always wondering if one of them has got my brain.

Today’s iRacing Cup race at virtual Bristol: Start time and more

Michael McDowell: “I think that this weekend’s Pro Invitational Series race from virtual Bristol Motor Speedway is going to require a lot of concentration and stamina. Some people might think that just because this is a virtual race, that it will be relatively easy to compete in. However, the fact of the matter is that […]

U.S. Navy relieves aircraft carrier commander who wrote letter urging coronavirus action

“I have no information nor am I trying to suggest that he leaked the information,” Modly told a news conference. “He sent it out pretty broadly, and in sending it out pretty broadly, he did not take care to ensure that it couldn’t be leaked, and that’s part of his responsibility.”

EXCLUSIVE-Navy probe to decide future of fired U.S. carrier commander

The outbreak aboard the Theodore Roosevelt is just the latest example of the spread of the COVID-19 respiratory virus within the U.S. military. Navy officials say sailors on a number of ships have tested positive, including an amphibious assault vessel in San Diego.

Exclusive: Navy probe to decide future of fired U.S. carrier commander

FILE PHOTO: Captain Brett Crozier addresses the crew for the first time as commanding officer of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt during a change of command ceremony on the ship’s flight deck in San Diego, California, U.S. November 1, 2019. U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Sean Lynch/Handout via REUTERS