New York City Subway Riders Had a Full-On Thanksgiving Dinner on a Moving Train

“I chose the L line after waiting 20 minutes for a train to take me to Brooklyn and seeing how dreary and upset riders were at the inconvenience the new construction provided,” Lewis told the outlet. “[We] wanted to entertain and bring a little excitement to commuters as well as feed New Yorkers who might […]

Exclusive: Navy probe to decide future of fired U.S. carrier commander

“I’m not going to direct them to do anything (other) than to investigate the facts to the best of their ability. I cannot exercise undue command influence over that investigation,” he said. Crozier’s firing has become a lightning-rod political issue at a time when the Trump administration is facing intense criticism over its handling of […]

Midlands records a higher coronavirus death toll than London in one day with 212 deaths compared to 127 as the rest of UK including Yorkshire starts catching up with the capital

Sir Patrick told the BBC on March 13: ‘Our aim is to try and reduce the peak, broaden the peak, not suppress it completely; also, because the vast majority of people get a mild illness, to build up some kind of herd immunity so more people are immune to this disease and we reduce the […]

How I’m Living Now: Alan Poul, ‘Tokyo Vice’ Producer

It’s a really interesting time in that a lot of people are out of work or are on hold for work and nobody knows exactly what the landscape is going to look like if this goes on for another month, which it’s likely to do. Another strange benefit for some is that they have time […]

“Victory Gardens” for the war against COVID-19

When asked what customers are buying, Vanderhoff replied, “Things that relate to food. They don’t want to go out in public. But they also want the safety and security of nutritious food. And no better way to do that than to grow your own. Nothing’s better than going out to your garden and picking a […]

Teletherapy: Connecting therapists and clients during a time of separation

So, three weeks ago, Friedman’s staff of 100 took drastic measures, switching all mental health counseling to teletherapy, a fancy name for using the phone. They were not authorized to do so until the pandemic hit, and New York State waived its regulations.

30 Celebs Whose Real Names You Will Never Guess

Adam Richard Wiles Fans were confused when Taylor Swift thanked then-boyfriend Adam in an acceptance speech, which lead people to the discovery that Calvin Harris is simply a stage name. The DJ told Shortlist magazine he chose the name because his first single was more soulful and wanted something a bit more “racially ambiguous.”