BT and Vodafone among telecoms companies passing details to GCHQ

Vodafone said it complied with the laws of all the countries in which its cables operate. “Media reports on these matters have demonstrated a misunderstanding of the basic facts of European, German and UK legislation and of the legal obligations set out within every telecommunications operator’s licence … Vodafone complies with the law in all […]

Japanese face “new normal” after coronavirus emergency lifted

TOKYO, May 26 (Reuters) – A day after Japan ended its state of emergency, Tokyo residents took to the streets with a mixture of relief and trepidation as they prepared for a “new normal” of living with the coronavirus.

Jiggle Physics 36: Crucible; Tony Hawk; Ghost of Tsushima; AC Economics

No end in sight Daily Coronavirus updates: Amazon redoubles COVID-19 testing efforts COVID-19 has caused untold devastation around the globe, with entire industries shutting down in the wake of the virus. Here’s how coronavirus is affecting the tech industry.

Global pandemic: Through the eyes of the world’s children

It is a scene representative of life on her island country, known for its white sand and aqua-blue waters. For now, however, Ana Laura Ramírez Lavandero can only dream of the beach. Under lockdown, she finds herself confined to the fourth-floor apartment she shares with her parents and grandmother. On the balcony, she watches life […]

How to manage your finances after job loss

Do not use up any money you may have received at the time of lay-off to repay a low-cost loan like a home loan. A high-cost loan like credit card debt should be repaid at the earliest. If you make several enquiries for loans from many lenders, that will have an adverse impact on your […]

The Best Wireless Soundbars For Your Home Theater

On the smart-home side, the Z9F doesn’t have Alexa built in, but it can be connected to an Echo device to gain voice control. Additionally, it has a Chromecast built in, so you can stream video to the soundbar directly from apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, wirelessly. If you’re looking for a home theater in a […]

Coronavirus toll on Italy’s elderly strains “nonni” safety net

The system of familial help was already fraying before the coronavirus. Retirement ages have been rising steadily in Italy over the past three decades and the days when women in the public-sector could claim a pension even before their 40th birthday are long gone. The basic retirement age is now 67 for both men and women, […]

The App Economy’s Newest Challenge: Making Parking Less Painful

Both companies offer on-demand service that’s about $15 for a full day during their working hours and $10 or $15 for overnight parking. Monthly unlimited service is $300 at both firms. Prices vary by city, while Luxe sometimes engages in peak pricing when demand is tight during major events. Zirx announced on July 6 that […]

‘I should be on a beach’

As for the Independent on Sunday, Alton shakes his head ruefully when asked about resources. “It’s hard at the best of times, but there it is particularly tight.” The inability to make new hires is likely to hurt. The salvation of the Sindy, he suggests, may come from making it a weekly magazine with a […]

Trolls who whipped up lockdown frustrations are to blame for anti-Dominic Cummings mob

After months of online shopping, I can’t be the only one fed up with waiting four weeks for a new shirt – only to find it goes down to my ankles and is made of something that looks suspiciously like cling film.