Exodus from NYC: The young join the rich in ditching the Big Apple as the coronavirus economic downturn drives professionals out and companies accept staff permanently working from home

It reinforces the prospect that big cities could become shells of their former selves as office workers transition to working from home permanently, and huge headquarters, that were once an indicator of a company’s success, become an unnecessary expense. 

Has the Coronavirus hijacked the annual appraisal programme?

The transparency factor“In crisis situations of this nature, companies should aim for fairness, and not happiness,” says Abhishek, reasoning it out that when they have to take hard decisions, they have to be transparent about it, deliver the bad news early and not keep employees on tenter hooks. So, if there are no performance rewards, […]

America’s fracking boom flounders as global prices and demand collapse

President Trump is preparing to use treasury funds to buy US oil to store in the government’s strategic reserves, and is understood to be considering blocks on all imports of crude from Saudi Arabia which are already en route. The measures may offer respite to a few producers but are too little too late, analysts […]

What does the biggest free trade deal in history mean for the environment?

Big food and biotech companies are pushing to eliminate EU restrictions on genetically modified (GM) foods and food additives, challenge food labelling laws which they think are barriers to trade, and undermine the EU’s use of the ‘precautionary principle’ in setting food safety standards. The trade talks could also threaten local food schemes in the […]