5 laptop deals you can’t afford to miss this Memorial Day

HP 15-EF0023DX Laptop — $500, was $600 Up next is HP’s 15.6-inch, touch-screen 15-EF0023DX laptop The laptop is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor with an insane 12GB of RAM for heavy multitasking, which, considering the price, is an absolute steal and is this laptop’s shining glory. The AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics […]

This Life star Daniela Nardini says she is a ‘survivor’ after enduring the ‘five worst years of her life’ following the death of her father, battling cancer and her marriage breakdown

She added: ‘For a while, I lost interest in performing, not because I felt physically I was not right but I just felt mentally and emotionally not ready. Acting is a very personal thing for me, as I suppose it is for other actors. But you’ve only got yourself to use and if there’s not […]

Barack Obama’s second-term inauguration day – as it happened

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the old hall of the House. The people’s representatives met in this chamber over five decades prior to the Civil War. And it’s a wonder that they actually made it here that long. You see, the acoustics were terrible. You just couldn’t hear anything. Or in some spots, you could […]

The near-identical tales of Vishwa Fernando and Jack Leach taking their teams to epic wins

Vishwa was born in Colombo, which is host to three active Test venues (the most for any city). Leach was born in Taunton, where the biggest landmark by far is the cricket ground. Although this suggests they should both have an affinity for the game, it doesn’t follow that they should be good at batting, […]

British baby is world’s first to get cannabis-derived medicine to prevent seizures

More from Cannabis Cannabis-based drugs to help epilepsy and MS approved for NHS use Cannabis to be given to patients to test impact on seven conditions Cannabis has given me the most incredible and unexpected year of my life Carly Barton: Medicinal cannabis user to ‘openly break the law’ to combat pain Mum weeps after […]

Brett Moffitt seeks to join pantheon of NASCAR ‘stache champions

“I think I can grow a much better mustache than him,” Gragson said straight-faced. “If you gave me a day-and-a-half, I could grow a broom on my upper lip. It’s not too good. His isn’t that great. His looks like a 12-year-old’s mustache.”

Avicii’s Father on Tim Bergling Foundation: ‘We Want Results. We Don’t Want To Sit and Talk and Spend Money’

Bergling: There are four areas of focus—preventing mental illness and suicide, [protecting] threatened animals and nature, eliminating hunger and providing social services. Tim’s tragic death has raised many questions about mental health and suicide among young people. Avicii is a strong brand and Tim was a popular person. His music still affects people around the […]

What does the biggest free trade deal in history mean for the environment?

This is a bizarre over-reaction. These clauses are routine in modern agreements, giving quick protection to an investor being cheated by a government breaking its treaty obligations. Britain has more than 90 of them in bilateral deals, without doing the slightest damage to consumer protection, our sovereignty or our NHS. Two companies have challenged Britain […]

‘Britney Spears has been on fire’: Influencer The Fat Jewish reveals the stars who are winning quarantine with their candid social media confessions and cocktail tutorials

Special moment: In a recent episode, Krasinksi had the cast of The Office reunite to surprise a couple on a Zoom call to re-create Jim and Pam’s wedding dance from the show. It was revealed this week that the series has scored a multi-platform showcase across Viacom and CBS after a bidding war, and while […]