How to Improve GPS-Tracking Accuracy in Your Workout Apps

Watch Where You Train GPS signals can easily be blocked by overhanging trees or the steep sides of a gorge. Tall buildings can also reflect them and confuse the calculations. Remember, your receiver needs to see a minimum of four satellites to accurately place you. If its view of the sky is blocked, it will […]

Outdated guidebooks hold timely reminders of past and potential adventures

The pages long ago liberated themselves from the spine (I inevitably spend a good part of my Paris escapades retrieving them from wherever they’ve flown and shoving them back between the jacket until they escape again), its plastic cover split sometime in the late ’90s, and the glue that held the metro map to the […]

Carlson: Left’s Response to Coronavirus Much Like ‘Authoritarian’ China — ‘Characterized’ by Corruption, Lack of Social Trust, Deep Cynicism About Gov’t

The Chinese also believe — and this is another striking difference — that their economy is worth saving. They didn’t destroy it with coronavirus quarantines, harsh as they were. Unlike the United States, China was a poor place until fairly recently. And so they know firsthand that poor countries are powerless and they don’t want […]