‘We want to build a life’: Europe’s paperless young people speak out

In Italy, similar efforts have been repeatedly blocked amid a fierce rightwing backlash. “When we started speaking out, MPs and political leaders looked at us as if we were martians,” says Paula Baudet Vivanco, the spokesperson of Italiani Senza Cittadinanza (Italians Without Citizenship). Vivanco arrived in Italy aged seven in the early 1980s, after her […]

Brazil’s Neymar in trouble over intimate pics of woman accusing him of rape

Ankle problems ruled him out of the second half of the just-completed Ligue 1 season in France. When Neymar did finally return to the team, he played as PSG suffered a shock defeat to Rennes in the French Cup final — and afterward lashed out at a supporter in the stands.

Gay People Are Being Murdered in Chechnya. Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

Some of the activists agreed right away, understanding that it would help raise the visibility of their organization and their struggle, which is a very expensive one, so that they can continue doing that work. Others were suspicious of me and my American gaze when I first arrived. I needed to convince them that I […]

Restaurants are taking over parking spaces. Here are 6 ways to make them look better

Don’t fence us in: Too many of the first wave of appropriated parking spaces were fenced off, literally — 6-foot-high enclosures using ready-made sections that probably were purchased at Home Depot. Viewed from a car, they hide the sidewalk and look ominous. For pedestrians, the sense of being boxed in can make it feel intrusive […]

When Black People Appear on

Black people on Seinfeld play a very particular role, defining the social edges of “very,” or too much. A thankless job, to be sure. There’s no glory in it or, it seems, much fun. I am charmed, though. They foil the Black bestie type, the sidekick destined to enliven a white protagonist’s script and social […]

The Mellow Moguls: Seth Rogen and His Point Grey Partners Dish on Their Expanding Hollywood Empire

As Point Grey and its founders have matured, they’ve begun taking on projects with broader scope and bigger ambitions, including TV. Preacher, which ran four seasons on AMC and won praise from critics for its stylish, well-acted adaptation of a gory, controversial comic book, also granted Point Grey a new level of credibility with other […]