What Happened When Bill Murray Was Honored at the Kennedy Center

While the crew reset for take two, Murray stood up from his seat to address the audience, something he did frequently throughout the evening during breaks between presentations. “How about those pipes?” he shouted, referring to Cyrus. Then: “Here we are in D.C., the 51st state in the Union. If you had statehood, that” — […]

Last day of Flipkart sale: Mi Smart Band 4, Realme Band and other smart wearables at discount

Realme Band Summary features Water Resistant, Goal Setting syncing Bluetooth Syncing battery Upto 10 Days battery life (90 mAh) activity tracking Steps, Heart Rate Tracking See Full Specifications Honor Band 5 Summary features Water Resistant syncing Bluetooth, NFC Syncing battery Upto 14 Days battery life (100 mAh) activity tracking Steps, Heart Rate Tracking See Full […]

Smartphones are OK, but eavesdropping really pays off

You know those infomercials for hearing aids where one can zoom in on a specific voice and drown out all other ambient noise? That’s what I needed at IHOP during my recent visit with my toddler. I leaned as close as I could, but their booth had grown silent. Three steaming breakfast specials sat before […]

Acquire Debby Ryan’s Surprisingly Extensive Pin Collection (and Denim Jacket)

The jacket was a gift from Madewell. I got it about five years ago, and it was my go-to until I donated it. It’s the perfect color, cropped just enough, and the fabric is so soft, even though I’ve only washed it two or three times. It has taken me to many places, and every […]

Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus explains why he wrote about giving his daughter up for adoption in new memoir

“I think having a child at such a young age and ultimately, placing her in adoption services was the most difficult part I had to live through and have ever had to live through,” DeMarcus told Fox News. “I wanted to be a part of her life so badly, but after we explored all of […]

Lack of social distancing is killing people in Del Rio

Many hospital employees wear a picture of Santellanes on their work badge. A table draped in white with a memorial is set up near the hospital entrance where Santellanes worked before she was exposed to COVID-19. A book with blank pages has been placed on the table to allow her work family the chance to […]

‘Don’t shut up!’ Film spotlights Filipino journalist

“You don’t know how powerful government is until you come under attack the way we have. When all the different parts of government work against you — it’s kind of shocking,” she said. “I can’t wait to really write this — because I can’t write at all right now, because then I would be in […]

Lucky Star: Madonna boasts how she made it with just ‘$35 dollars and a dream’ long before ‘Instagram, Twitter or TikTok’… in inspirational throwback

Either way, on Thursday, the 61-year-old music icon referenced the anecdote in a throwback photo of herself from that era, which made the point she had made her mark long before platforms such as YouTube, Vine, The Voice and American Idol were around to help struggling artists transform into megastars.

When Epstein Was Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Month

Epstein was arrested in July 2006, and cops brought their case to the FBI. But the money-manager secured a cushy deal from federal prosecutors in Miami, ultimately pleading guilty to a pair of state charges and spending just 13 months in a county jail—mostly on “work release.” The sweetheart deal, brokered by former U.S. Attorney […]

Program allows some Alaska Native Vietnam vets to get land

Wally Carlo would like to secure land near the Yukon River bridge on the Dalton Highway, the supply road that runs north of Fairbanks to the oil fields on the North Slope. That’s where other members of the Carlo family previously secured their allotments, but that area isn’t currently being offered.