VIRUS DIARY: An unfamiliar war for those who live with war

Then, the coronavirus. First schools closed, then restaurants and cafes. Then — overnight, it seemed — we were locked in our homes. Police now hand out tickets to offenders for simply walking on the sidewalk by the sea. The other day a military helicopter flew low over the city, booming orders for residents to stay […]

New York City man named world’s oldest at 111

A sparse eater whose favorite foods are chicken and chocolate, Imich said in a halting interview in his apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side that he credits good genes for his long life. His father, he said, lived into his 90s.

Break the chain not relations in this lockdown period

» Lockdown has given us a chance to ‘Break the chain & Make the family.’ A family is live summit in which relationships matter. The lockdown gives us an opportunity to spend quality time with children. However, if you waste the time by making yourself busy with social media, it could break relationships.

What home exercises can I do in coronavirus lockdown? Experts’ guide from living room workouts to yoga

Learning on the move Stand opposite a partner or in a circle as a family. Keep a rhythm going as you would with rote reciting. Use the words ‘1 11 is 11’, ‘2 11’s are 22′, ‘3 11’s are 33′ – and so on. Repeat or share lines with someone to change it up.

Goodbye, green: Bangkok laments park closures in virus battle

“Having the fan on all the time in my small rented room means higher electricity bills, so I come here for a few hours every day, as I have no income,” said a 62-year-old man who only gave his name as Chai, as he lounged in a corner of the park.

Some vastu tips to usher in fortunes during bad times

It is vital to fill the interiors with natural light and air. Houses that are dark and gloomy are generally considered to bring in bad luck. Placing lush green plants near the main entrance would bring good luck. Keeping freshly bloomed flowers in a vase too could fill the interiors with positive vibes. A family […]

American seders go online on a Passover night different from all others

Not all Jews will participate in streaming seders. Many Orthodox Jews, who closely follow the edicts of the Torah, will not use computers for a seder because it would break their normal ban on using electricity on Jewish holidays, even as they observe stay-at-home orders that prevent them from inviting extended family. Some Orthodox rabbis, […]

Coronavirus Australia: Quarantined woman goes on shopping spree in NSW

“He was taken to Waverley Police Station and charged with fail to comply with terms of notice erected by council, fail or refuse to comply with requirement of police officer, resist officer in execution of duty and intimidate police officer in execution of duty without actual bodily harm,” NSW Police said in a statement.

Coronavirus Australia: Man faces $1600 fine for working out at outdoor gym

“It’s really important that they understand that, since last Sunday, we have now been quarantining return travellers in hotels, but for those who returned prior to the start of those changes, they are still required to self-quarantine for the full 14 days.”

Coronavirus Australia: How to workout now public outdoor gyms are closed

“We’re really, really pleased that both the Prime Minister last night and the chief medical officer and the health minister this morning all stressed the importance of maintaining exercise. In fact, they nominated that it was a valid reason to go outside.”