Artist Group Accuses Jeff Bezos Of Ignorance Regarding Twitch’s Music Licensing

According to a report by Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet, Twitch has seen an 83% increase in hours of content streamed year over year for the second quarter of 2020, which has in turn lead to the growth of the “music and performing arts” category–it boasted 17 million hours in April. While this is only about […]

Madonna Is a Free Agent After Decade-Long Deal With Interscope Records

Madonna has made no mention of a departure from the label on her social media, although she was may have been alluding to a new start on Friday when she posted an Instagram message about her humble career origins, writing: “No YouTube, No Vine, No The Voice, No American Idol, No Disney. Just $35 dollars […]

Oprah Winfrey puts her Breonna Taylor O Magazine cover on 26 BILLBOARDS across Louisville – and demands that the police officers involved with her killing be arrested and charged

‘When the layers are peeled back, the origin of Breonna’s home being raided by police starts with a political need to clear out a street for a large real estate development project and finishes with a newly formed, rogue police unit violating all levels of policy, protocol and policing standards,’ the family’s attorneys claim. 

People with disabilities to get more assistance

The overall objective of the programme is to promote the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Vietnamese Law on Persons with Disabilities, to improve the quality of life of disabled people, create conditions for the people participate equally in social activities, build a barrier-free environment, ensure […]

Casino Royale is a busted flush. Five better Bond films for Secret Cinema

You Only Live Twice Looking back over the classic Connery Bonds, some would be easier to turn into immersive experiences than others. Thunderball probably features a little too much scuba-diving, but Goldfinger – where an unusually passive 007 gets kidnapped and then just lounges around drinking mint juleps – certainly has potential: a round of […]

Fashion has to do much more if it is serious about catwalk diversity

Jack Eyers, a personal trainer and amputee who also works with Models of Diversity, has had great success as a fitness model (including featuring on the cover of Men’s Health) and more mixed experiences in fashion. He walked in the Antonio Urzi show at New York fashion week and loved it. “He made my leg […]

Why Can’t Beyoncé Have It All?

This turns out to be the crux of her next album. B’Day, recorded in a three-week flurry, is criticized for being scattered. It’s the opposite: It’s obsessed with ownership, power, control, and the market values of both goods and people. Literally: “Suga Mama” and “Upgrade U” revel in the singer having the money, power, status, […]

Acquire Debby Ryan’s Surprisingly Extensive Pin Collection (and Denim Jacket)

It has a pin that says “We Are StarFoxy,” which I created as a wrap gift for the cast and crew of Cover Versions. I wanted it to look like band merch. A pin from Atlanta — my home away from home — is on there. I included a blue bandanna that I bought about […]

Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus explains why he wrote about giving his daughter up for adoption in new memoir

“I think it’s mutual love and respect,” said DeMarcus on the secret behind his lasting marriage to Alderson, 42. “I think it’s that we realize that we have something special in our relationship with each other, and we balance each other out. I married a woman who is nothing like me and I’m nothing like […]

‘Back on his feet in three weeks’: Simon Cowell’s new ‘family-friendly’ lifestyle and four-stone weight loss could mean he’ll recover faster from e-bike fall that’s left him with metal rod in his back after he missed breaking his spine ‘by just 1cm’

Instead he will concentrate on his TV shows. An insider said: ‘Simon has had to pay a massive amount to regain control of Syco Entertainment. That has meant he is no longer involved in Syco Music but it’s not in great shape right now.