Patti Scialfa on Quarantine Life in New Jersey, Writing Music for Teen Drama ‘Pearl’

I walked in and said, “No, no, no.” I asked Bruce, “Will you let me make a studio in here?” Bruce was like, “Yeah, go do it.” He gave me full rein over the project, which was wonderful, and we have very similar taste. I worked with [recording engineer] Bob Clearmountain with putting the sound […]

Oprah Winfrey puts her Breonna Taylor O Magazine cover on 26 BILLBOARDS across Louisville – and demands that the police officers involved with her killing be arrested and charged

‘Breonna Taylor and too many others like her. I see the names, I think of the ledgers, I feel the connection down the generations: the refusal to value Black women’s lives. And I feel a personal connection. Because I am these women. These women are me.

Swastika Mukherjee shares video of Sushant Singh Rajput asking his fans to let him go: ‘I will come in a day or two’. Watch

The film is Sushant’s swan song and its dialogues speak volumes about seizing the day. Adapted from John Green’s famous novel The Fault In Our Stars, the film features Sushant as a chirpy, cheerful college student, full of zeal to live life and his co-star Sanjana Sanghi as a shy, and quiet girl battling cancer. […]

Notes from nowhere

As an urban pocket which hasn’t quite sloughed off its rural skin, S.T. Bed has a rooster that crows at noon and midnight, a herd of cows that smears the road with dung, and an orange dog who is their shepherd. In the absence of streetlights — a characteristic feature of Bengaluru — at nightfall, […]

Why Can’t Beyoncé Have It All?

They become pop stars. They sing like people who have absorbed a high level of discipline and have no patience for those who haven’t. A high percentage of Destiny’s Child singles are spent telling off anyone who would distract them from their greatness: You sing along and become part of a righteous sisterhood giving the […]

Céline Dion flaunts toned body in futuristic bodysuit, draws Beyoncé comparisons

The 52-year-old wore a gold, futuristic bodysuit that hiked high on her legs and had a low neckline. The outfit was embellished with large jewels on her waist and bustier.

Recap: Emma Stone’s Reunion

For some reason, the in-studio audience feels sensitive during this week’s Update, groaning almost as often as they laugh. They get quiet as Michael Che posits that Trump took a call from Taiwan because he doesn’t know the difference between Taiwan and China: “He probably just thinks one makes his hats and the other makes […]

Recap: Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?

Predictably the night’s most absurd sketch, this closer finds two hospital administrators (Beck Bennett and Kenan Thompson) trying to land a donation from the mysterious Mr. Shaw and his assistant (Cumberbatch). Turns out, Mr. Shaw is a bronzed-eagle head atop a besuited mannequin body that only his assistants are able to hear. Although it’s a […]

Celebrate Christmas unusual

He became aware once again, of the presence of the stranger who now asked him why he never celebrated Christmas. George shrugged and replied that baking cookies hadn’t been the same since his wife died and putting up a tree seemed a waste of good pine tree. The stranger put a hand on George’s shoulder […]

Janmashtami 2020: How To Celebrate The Birth Of Lord Krishna At Home

Make It Exciting For Your Kids Ask your kids to help with the decorations. They can help with the balloons or in making and hanging of garlands. They will be eager to help and will also have a lot of fun. You can also dress your little boy in Krishna’s outfit and if you have […]