Spotlight: Market fairness a mere pretext used in Washington’s TikTok ban

“Many conservative politicians, including Mr. Trump, appear to care more about appearing tough on China than preventing potential harm to TikTok users. And Silicon Valley tech companies like Facebook, whose executives have warned of the dangers of a Chinese tech takeover, would surely like to see regulators kneecap one of their major competitors,” he said, […]

Is Bath Britain’s most backward city?

Developers who have worked all around the country say that they’ve never faced the level of criticism they get in Bath. There are so many architects and artists with creative vision who live here. It means bad stuff doesn’t get through, but it must be incredibly frustrating for developers. There were even marches through the […]

What if Central Park were home to a massive urban farm?

The Seneca Village Farm idea was born out of COVID-19. In the early days, food was constrained. Tamm remembers going to the farmers’ market and seeing a bleak array of produce stalls. She and a friend who works on the rooftop garden at Cooper Union, began a conversation about what it would look like for […]

Xinhua Headlines: TikTok fights plagiarism by Facebook, U.S. bullying

“Facebook has fared rather poorly in the field of short videos, and it then launched the two apps which resemble TikTok. The logic and facts speak volumes of copying. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not deny it himself,” said Huang Yuanpu, founder of EqualOcean, a leading tech-media and investment research company in China.

Gordon Murray T.50 Debuts With Fan-Assist, Major McLaren F1 Vibes

Passengers have a large amount of usable storage space, with a combined 30 litres of interior stowage across five compartments – one above each passenger’s footrest, another under each passenger seat, plus one behind the driver’s headrest. Set within the left and right rear haunches of the car are vertical-load luggage compartments, each with around […]