Teens React To President Trump’s Threat To Ban TikTok In United States: ‘Nothing Is Like TikTok!’

TikTok told CBS News that it is committed to protecting the privacy of its users, and an executive for the company posted a video message to users Saturday, thanking them for the support and adding, “We’re not planning on going anywhere.”

Health Officials ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ LA County Making Progress Against Coronavirus

She cited steady declines in hospitalization numbers, which dropped below 2,000 after averaging around 2,200 patients a day in mid-July. Average daily rates of positive tests also leveled off over the course of last month to average between 8% and 8.8% in recent days.

Bay Area vintners’ support of Trump clashes with politics of most wine drinkers

When he compared states’ per-capita wine consumption with their percentage of votes for Trump in 2016, a clear pattern emerged. Washington, D.C., is the most prolific wine consumer, at over 25 liters per person per year, and also favored Trump the least, giving him just 4.1% of its votes in the last presidential election. Meanwhile, […]

Angelenos To Vote On Controversial Charter Measure

Lawyers for the union representing deputies sent a letter to the board stating that the county is in violation of an employee relations ordinance requiring 90 days notice to labor unions of any amendment to the charter as well as state law requiring the county to “meet and confer” with the unions. Union lawyers also […]

Major League Baseball Cancels ‘Field of Dreams’ Iowa White Sox-Cardinals Game Due to Coronavirus

Field of Dreams stars Kevin Costner as local corn farmer Ray Kinsella who hears voices commanding him to build a baseball diamond in his farm. The 1989 flick, directed by Phil Alden Robinson, also stars Amy Madigan, Gaby Hoffman, Ray Liotta and James Earl Jones.

The evolution of Extinction Rebellion

XR was also criticised for tactical missteps. Early in the morning of 17 October, a number of protesters climbed on top of a tube train at Canning Town station in order to disrupt rush-hour services. Commuters reacted with anger, and scuffles broke out, with one protester being dragged from the roof of the train. The […]

COVID-19 pandemic created largest disruption of education in history: U.N.

“Education is the key to personal development and the future of societies. It unlocks opportunities and narrows inequalities. It is the bedrock of informed, tolerant societies, and a primary driver of sustainable development. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the largest disruption of education ever,” Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in a video statement launching […]

Independent Restaurants Urge Congress To Pass ‘RESTAURANTS Act’ To Save Industry, Millions Of Jobs

“When you look at the airline industry, you look at cruise lines, you look at banks, you look at car manufacturers, none of those businesses employ nearly a fraction of what independent restaurants do,” said Nayfeld. “If you look at an independent restaurant, that money is going to go directly to the local community.”

Obituary: John Hume, SDLP leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner

Along with his Nobel Prize, he was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Martin Luther King Award, and in 2010 a poll by Irish broadcaster RTÉ named him “Ireland’s Greatest Person”, beating the likes of Mary Robinson, Michael Collins and Bono to the title.

Zuck, Bezos, Cook: Who takes the fall in D.C.’s antitrust games?

Apple In reality, most people don’t use Apple products. They’re too expensive. Experts estimate that over 85% of the global population uses Android. But people with influence love Apple. Reporters, staffers, lawmakers, regulators, pundits, lobbyists, think tankers, and everyone else wading through the swamp are all Apple devotees. As a result, making the case politically […]