Report: Boris Govt May Ban Travel In and Out of London If Virus Cases Spike

“If we see the virus spreading in a particular way in London, as we‘ve seen in Manchester and West Yorkshire, where it’s spreading through people coming into another person’s home and that’s the way it’s spread, then we will discuss that with the police and we will not hesitate to act,” he said.

SpiceJet secures slots at London Heathrow Airport to fly from September 1

Budget carrier SpiceJet has secured slots at the London Heathrow airport to operate flights under the air bubble agreement between India and UK, the airline said in a regulatory filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange on Tuesday. “We would like to further inform you that SpiceJet has secured slots at London Heathrow Airport to operate […]

Covid-19: London lockdown likely under UK’s virus containment plan

The so-called Contain Strategy, unveiled last month, “does set out the possibility of a power to restrict people’s movement and potentially close down local transport networks,” Prime Minister’s Spokesman James Slack told reporters on Monday when asked whether the government had war-gamed sealing off the capital.

Sadiq Khan blasts Boris Johnson for ‘looking at London M25 lockdown’ without telling him

“If we see the virus spreading in a particular way in London, as we’ve seen in Manchester and West Yorkshire where it’s spreading through people coming into another person’s home, then we will discuss that with local leaders and we will not hesitate to act.”

Over a Quarter of Infected in Victoria, Australia, Break Stay-at-Home Orders

Just over 160 fines were handed out in Victoria in the past 24 hours, including to a woman who was charged over allegedly smashing a police officer’s head into concrete after being questioned for not wearing a mask.

‘Wild West’ Sweden: 12-Year-Old Child Killed in Suspected Gang Crossfire

Shootings across Sweden, which are primarily gang-related, have become a major issue, and according to a report from the Swedish National Forensic Centre released last year the country saw a 100 per cent increase in deaths from shootings between 2012 and 2019.

Why these intimidating race protests will only inflame divisions across Britain, by founder of the Equiano Project INAYA FOLARIN IMAN

After all, Britain is the land that pioneered the concept of equality before the law through Magna Carta, gave the world parliamentary democracy, developed a free Press and formulated the idea of policing by consent. We played a central role in the abolition of slavery and, unlike the U.S., never had any system of racial […]

Your Royal Shiness! Army of cleaners polish the silver and dust the chandeliers at Windsor Castle as staff prepare for big reopening tomorrow after lockdown

DECEMBER 24, 2019: Prince Philip leaves King Edward VII’s Hospital in London on Christmas Eve last year after having treatment relating to a ‘pre-existing condition’. His stay was described as a ‘precautionary measure’ by Buckingham Palace. Philip left hospital after four nights and travelled to Sandringham to spend Christmas with the Queen 

Far from city’s blight, clusters of voters were against Prop. C — here’s why

Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness and a principal architect of Prop. C, said while she is disappointed the measure didn’t get the two-thirds vote that would have prevented possible legal action, she is proud the campaign seemed to move “people from a place of cynicism and apathy to a […]

SpiceJet to commence flight services to U.K. from next month

“London is one of the busiest long-haul destinations from India and this is a huge milestone for SpiceJet. Providing non-stop connectivity from India to different parts of the world, which in turn strengthens our own airport hubs, is a dream that we have long cherished and this is a small step in that direction,” SpiceJet […]