Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrate ‘beauty of life’ after surviving COVID-19

“I am celebrating the beauty of this life, the blessings God has given, and my continued good health, even now as a COVID 19 survivor,” she wrote. “Please take a moment today to acknowledge the amazing creation your bodies are and to thank it for doing so much.”

You can make use of some vodka for beauty benefits

Dhwani Vora | Apr 1, 2020, 16:50 IST There are several beauty hacks and tricks that you will always keep on getting from some or the other person or place over the Internet. And majority of you might also know that beer is also a very good liquid that can benefit our beauty. But, did […]

9 Genius Travel Beauty Tips from Flight Attendants (and the Products They Swear By)

Hand Cream Is a Miracle MultitaskerLather this lotion all over – we mean it! “When I put hand cream on, I always rub the excess on my neck,” flight attendant Denise Kelley says. It also works as a great hair pick-me-up too (“Your hair gets so static-y!” says Amy Ng, a flight attendant for a […]

Cheryl reveals her biggest red carpet beauty secrets

1.    Crème de la Mer The Body Crème, £165; visit    L’Oréal Paris Glam Bronze Cushion de Soleil, £9.99 from Boots3.    BaByliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves Hair Wand, £40; visit    Decléor Aromessence Néroli Hydrating Night Balm, £34; visit    L’Oréal Paris Préférence Infinia Hair Colour in 5.3 [Cheryl’s shade], £7.99, from Boots6.    L’Oréal Paris […]

Beauty queen shares make-up free photos of her acne – and is stunned by the reaction

She said: “You shouldn’t have to hide away from acne. I’m very guilty of over-editing pictures and feeling like I need to airbrush pictures to be at a certain standard for social media, until I just decided one day that I couldn’t carry on doing that.

Cook This: Try making jambalaya at home and don’t forget to add the love

For many who sent in recipes, it was all about the meat — just the right sausage, the right pork, maybe some chicken. For others, it was the rice that makes all the difference. For many, it was about the pot — that seasoned-to-perfection black iron kettle.

Rihanna ‘disappointed’ over Fenty Beauty being considered ‘groundbreaking’

Before signing off, Rihanna admitted to writing all copies for the Fenty Beauty lineup. “I write all of the copy for the websites, the product descriptions, product names, the color names…” she further went on to say, “I do have a huge team, but I just don’t necessarily think their tone is mine. I’d feel […]

Heavy drinking into middle age can add nearly TWO INCHES to your waistline and increase your chance of strokes and high pressure

The recovery process doesn’t end with the completion of rehab. Long-term sobriety requires ongoing therapy and may entail support groups, counseling and other recovery resources. These will make sure you maintain sobriety and continue on a happy, healthy path for months and years to come.

Wings of the nightingale famed for its beautiful birdsong are SHRINKING due to climate change

However, only recently was it conclusively determined that climate change was also triggering shrinking body sizes, with a US team reporting in December that migratory birds in North America have shrunk over the last 40 years.

Inside Chloe Radford’s glamorous life – Sue Radford’s third child of 21 who works as a make-up artist and lives at home

We previously revealed how Sue is “panicking” because she doesn’t have a name for baby number 22 – as she prepares to give birth in lockdown.