This oil spill could destroy the beautiful Mauritius I once knew

Across Mauritius live coral has declined by as much as 70% between 1997 and 2007. It is sad enough losing beautiful ecosystems for their own sake, but the loss of coral reefs hurts communities too. An estimated 1 billion people have some dependence on coral reefs across the world, for food and income from fishing. […]

Thailand backpacker murders: Burmese workers sentenced to death

Wai Phyo told the court during the last two days of witness testimony in October that a police officer took photos of him naked. “They also kicked me in the back, punched me and slapped me; threatened to chop off my arms and legs, and throw my body into the sea to feed the fish. […]

British backpacker murder trial in Thailand stalls over key DNA evidence

The head judge on a panel of three in a court on the tropical holiday-making island of Koh Samui said that he would rule on the matter on Thursday, when Police Lieutenant Colonel Somsak Nurod, who is believed to hold evidence related to the case, would appear to testify.

Burmese murder accused ask British backpackers’ families for help

“Detectives from the United Kingdom, who were in Thailand reviewing the investigation into the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, have returned to the UK to compile their report and to update the families of Hannah and David on their findings,” she said. “The police team wish to thank the Thai authorities for facilitating […]