Netflix hits the Hamptons as the streaming giant drops first trailer for its latest real estate reality series Million Dollar Beach House

‘From appeasing sellers who are unhappy with home staging to cutthroat open houses where agents are going after each other’s clients, Million Dollar Beach House has all the views, all the schmooze, and brokers with a lot to lose,’ reads Netflix’s official description of their show.

The U.S. economy is reliant on consumer spending—can it survive a pandemic?

These developments took place in the context of the post-war euphoria over the uncontested power of the U.S., the post-Depression hunger for a better life, advances in cheap mass production, and a demographic boom. Consumerism became a symbol of the superiority of the capitalist system over Soviet-style communism, as illustrated by the famous “Kitchen Debate” […]

Greenland’s ice has melted beyond return, study suggests

More from Climate Change Heat-related deaths could triple because of lack of policy on building safety In West Africa, climate change and extremism have created a crisis that will impact us all UK temperature records show ‘increasing impact’ of climate change Next six months ‘most critical in a generation’ for climate emergency, says man behind […]

With no course correction in sight, Trump risks defeat

Still, the Trump campaign postponed Pence’s campaign events in Florida and Arizona (though he will still meet with governors and health care officials) in what seemed like a tacit acknowledgment that it was not a good time to risk a campaign-linked outbreak, especially after Trump campaign staffers who made the trip to the Tulsa rally […]

This oil spill could destroy the beautiful Mauritius I once knew

Beyond fishing and tourism, reefs protect coastlines from storm surges, cyclones and extreme weather – vital as global heating drives a rise in sea levels and an increased incidence of extreme weather. Some beaches in Mauritius have shrunk by as much as 20 metres over the last few decades, due to higher sea levels and […]

‘I regret atom bombs but they are why I’m alive’

His uncle, whose name he shares, had died during World War One at the age of 19 and Jack says he could easily have not survived the brutal treatment at the hands of the Japanese if World War Two had not been brought to a final conclusion on 15 August 1945.

Coronavirus: Employment crisis builds as 649,000 lose their jobs

That’s the case in all countries but the UK’s jobs figures are especially “laggy”, as economists would call it. So the headline number of 3.9% unemployment depicts the period between March and May, which pre-dates many of the redundancies and job cuts we’ve heard about since.

PC Harper’s widow says couple had planned to start trying for a baby after their honeymoon

However, she has no power to order a retrial, and prosecutors would either need new and compelling evidence to apply for the acquittals to be quashed, or there would need to be proven interference with the jury.

10 of the best motorway stop-offs: readers’ travel tips

Flower power by the M25, Godstone, Surrey Just five minutes’ drive from J6 of the M25, in Godstone, is Flower Farm – a fantastic farm shop with pick-your-own fruit, and a pretty, socially distanced outdoor tea garden and bar, Strawberry Fields. It’s the ideal place to stock up on local produce, with an amazing deli […]