Apex Legends Season 6: Everything we know

Emplaced MHG: Place a mounted machine gun that anyone can use. The gun has high ammo capacity, but a long reload time. Uses Heavy Rounds. How about a new weapon?Alongside a new character, we’ll also have a new weapon to try out. The Volt gun is an energy SMG, so we can assume that it’ll use […]

China’s air pollution level falls by 10.8% amid coronavirus slowdown

“There was a temporary pollution increase in April but it quickly went down in May,” said Li Shuo, senior energy and climate analyst with Greenpeace. “We need to see if July represents the beginning of a larger trend.”

US productivity rises 7.3% as hours worked are nearly halved

From 2000 to 2007, the year the Great Recession began, annual productivity gains averaged 2.7%. But since then, productivity has slowed to about half that pace, rising at an average annual rate of 1.4% from 2007 through 2019. The 2019 rate of 1.9% brought some optimism that productivity was on the rise, but the coronavirus […]

74th Independence Day | The often-forgotten naval mutiny on the docks of Bombay

The mutiny found echoes in a range of popular culture: the late Bollywood lyricist Anand Bakshi was among the ratings in Karachi and was sacked, musician Salil Chowdhury composed a song based on the revolt, late artiste Utpal Dutt wrote the play ‘Kallol’ based on the mutiny and was later arrested, writer Salman Rushdie poetically […]

UN Security Council rejects US resolution to extend Iran arms embargo

The embargo is due to expire on Oct. 18 as part of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal — formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA). The U.S. has been engaged in a significant diplomatic effort to get allies to embargo extended, warning that it would give Iran access to weapons that it […]