Beiimaan Love review: A terrible, torturous Sunny Leone film, zero star

We’re told that Sunaina (Sunny Leone) is a treacherous businesswoman who has worked her way up. Her competitor Raj Malhotra (Rajniesh Duggal) has lost another contract to her shrewd strategies. They have a history that’s as obvious as the expressions of singers dancing with Sunny Leone in a song. Just replace them in the same […]

Coronavirus infections did fall continually after lockdown was eased, new study shows

The experts highlighted that these people may have developed symptoms later on and that the study does not show how infectious a person was when tested.

Panic or New Reality as Study Finds That Britons Flock to EU After Brexit Vote

“We might retire here when the time comes, but it is still very far off. For the moment we are really happy with our decision and Brexit does not change anything. Whatever the political evolution of our democracies, we’ll remain good friends and partners in business. We don’t envisage changing nationality, but it might be […]

2 Chainz and Ariana Grande Speak Easy in Their New ‘Rule the World’ Music Video

“One thing about love, they say it’s blind. No matter where you’re from, though, you’re gonna bump into it one day,” 2 Chainz declares in his new “Rule the World” music video with Ariana Grande, and isn’t that just the sentiment to get you through your Monday? If you’re going to find love, why not […]

Terminally ill can take magic mushrooms in Canada, new law rules

If passed, it would be the first of its kind for an Eastern US city but would likely face efforts from Congress to overturn or block its implementation.

New PS5 game Hood: Outlaws and Legends looks like competitive Assassin’s Creed

The reveal trailer shows gangs of fighters infiltrating a temple of some kind in pursuit of a golden treasure chest. On one side, we’ve got assassins armed with bows, crossbows, poison, daggers, and what looks like a bit of magic. On the other, there are warriors brandishing heavy maces and swords. The atmosphere is dark […]

Indian apps see surge of new entrants out to replace banned Chinese peers

Mumbai: The ban on 59 Chinese apps appears to be generating a vigorous response from Indian entrepreneurs — many from smaller towns — keen to fill the void. The Indian Android app ecosystem has witnessed a stream of new entrants after the Chinese apps were banned on June 29 over security concerns in the wake […]

Dr Fauci says parts of US are ‘on fire’ with COVID-19 and America has WORST outbreak in the world with 60,000 new cases and 1,000 deaths a day – despite Trump’s claim it’s ‘all under control’

‘We’re a big country. You can pick out some parts of the country that are looking good and you could say is under control; you could pick some parts of the country that are on fire, in the sense, I mean you’re having outbreaks that you know you don’t get 70,000 cases a day when […]

Tekken 7 Season 4 Adding New Fighters And Updated Move Lists

We don’t know who the first new character being teased is, but many fans are speculating that it’s Jun Kazama, who has only appeared in a single mainline Tekken game in the past–1995’s Tekken 2. For our money, though, it looks like Kunimitsu, another character we haven’t seen in a while.

New To Shudder In July 2020: Scary Horror Movies To Binge Including Impetigore And Sleepaway Camp

On July 1, all three Sleepaway Camp movies arrive. A cult classic ’80s series, the film series follows bad campers being executed by a murderer at camp. Yes, it does sound exactly like Friday the 13th, but Sleepaway Camp has its own flavor–even if all the movies are pretty much the same–as the killer is […]