‘The first Chinese Hollywood princess’ – fans rejoice at Liu Yifei being cast as Mulan after whitewashing row

Thousands signed a petition calling for as Asian actress to be chosen for the new Mulan movie, and many in China were celebrating after Disney announced Ms Liu, aged 30, had landed the role on Thursday.

‘Martin Margiela: In His Own Words’ Makes Fashionable Debut, ‘Sputnik’ Lands – Specialty Streaming Preview

With the docu, Margiela breaks his no-interview policy and aversion to being in the public eye as Holzemer puts the spotlight on the “Banksy of fashion”. He worked as Jean Paul Gaultier’s assistant and was the creative director at Hermès before he started his own fashion house. For the first time, Margiela reveals his drawings, […]

Inside Japan’s feared WW2 medical unit that disembowelled screaming PoWs, popped out eyes & infected them with plague

The US Army granted immunity to the war criminals in exchange for their data and the research was kept secret, with Japan only admitting to Unit 731’s existence in the 1990s.