Ten-year-old busker is banned from Dutch shopping centre after ‘driving people round the bend’ playing Frere Jacques ‘120 times an hour’ on his recorder

‘I hear ‘Father Jacob’ one hundred and twenty times in an hour,’ the shopkeeper said to NH Nieuws. ‘At some point you can no longer shut yourself off and then you really won’t hear anything else. I often sit in the back of my office, otherwise I will go crazy.’

Demand for banknotes is growing at the fastest pace in a DECADE – despite widespread cash bans to stop the spread of coronavirus

The Australian Financial Review temporarily halted the printing of its Domain magazine at the end of March, as the first COVID-19 lockdowns began, but is resuming printing in August. 

Teens React To President Trump’s Threat To Ban TikTok In United States: ‘Nothing Is Like TikTok!’

TikTok told CBS News that it is committed to protecting the privacy of its users, and an executive for the company posted a video message to users Saturday, thanking them for the support and adding, “We’re not planning on going anywhere.”

Trump Signs Executive Order to Ban Federal Agencies From Hiring Foreign Workers Over Americans

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order requiring federal agencies to prioritise hiring American residents (as well as green card holders) over foreign workers. The order also requires federal agencies to complete an internal audit to ensure they don’t appoint foreign technical workers to competitive service, replacing American citizens.

India Bans Chinese Baidu Search, Weibo in Second Round of Tech Purges, Reports Suggest

The border dispute between the two countries, which has effectively never been settled, took a turn for the worse when Chinese and Indian soldiers faced off in the desolate Ladakh region. India said that 20 soldiers where killed in face-to-face combat (firearms are banned from the border as a confidence-building measure) while China has not […]

Donald Trump vows TikTok ban if no US sale deal reached by September 15

US officials have said TikTok poses a national risk because of the personal data it handles. TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer said in a blog post last week that the company was committed to following US laws and was allowing experts to observe its moderation policies and examine the code that drives its algorithms.

Luxury carmakers shrug off GST impact and note ban, post double-digit growth

NEW DELHI: Unlike mass segment cars and two-wheelers, the luxury cars segment has been able to shrug off the impact of demonetization and GST implementation. Luxury vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volvo cars have posted a double-digit growth in the first nine months of the calendar year 2017 and are on track to […]

We’re banning their comments, ‘manifesto’ and books – let’s stop and talk

Perhaps the only good thing of these past days has been meeting people. I’ve seen diversity and genuine interest from strangers in one and other. It has restored a sense of heart during a time that has seemed so dark. Maybe we also need to reach out to those who share views similar to the attacker.

Report: Boris Govt May Ban Travel In and Out of London If Virus Cases Spike

“Just as the government loses control, and the police lose control of real crime and disorder, they start making life much much more repressive for the law-abiding. The two things actually go hand in hand… it’s so much easier to pick the low hanging fruit of the obedient citizen, who can be scared,” Hitchens told […]

UK to lift ban on non-essential travel to up to 90 countries

The UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, was dispatched by government on Wednesday night to talk to his counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland about ending the blanket quarantine policy. This comes after a four-nations meeting with the cabinet minister Michael Gove on Monday.