Gordon Ramsay’s daughter STUNS fans as she showcases long legs in tiny shorts

What’s more, the family live on the edge of the rugged Cornish coastline. With rolling hills and powdery sand all visible from the living room, the home’s surrounding scenes would not look out of place in a holiday brochure.

NIH Director: ‘It Is Astounding What’s Been Done’ Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine

Collins: Yeah, it’s a great question and all our people puzzled if it’s so similar. Moderna can just be kept in a regular freezer and can even be in a refrigerator for a week and it’ll be fine there too. But the Pfizer one, it’s wrapped in a different kind of envelope, it’s not just […]

Every Aubrey Plaza Movie Role, Ranked by How Badly She Wants to Kill You

Ingrid Goes West (2017) Plaza plays loony types with dark streaks like a natural; Ingrid Goes West gives that persona the most elaborate characterization and contemporary resonance of the actress’s career to date. As Ingrid, a mentally ill young woman who ventures out to California plotting to befriend the Instagram-famous object of her obsession, Taylor […]

Adam Brody on

Have you felt like between The O.C. and now there just hasn’t been a great plethora of roles for you?The O.C.], I’m actually really proud of and I think speaks to my personality, and I did them because I really wanted to or business-wise it made sense. But would I love to be busier? Yeah, […]

Pamela Brown: ‘It felt like I never had a bigger enemy to fight’

(CNN)It was the day after Thanksgiving. I was alone in the studio, sitting in front of the camera on live national television, when the tears started to fall. I was listening to Hina Patel, a pharmacist who had written a wrenching Twitter thread about her family’s experience with Covid-19. Her story was all too familiar: […]

Opinion: ‘The Crown’ gets a little wrong and the big thing right

But how much of it is true? Some British commentators have attacked the series as exploitative, cannibalistic, maligning people almost all of whom are alive, but cannot answer back. Critics leap on wrong details: The Queen is too buxom and frumpy, and bungles her salute at the Trooping of the Colour (the celebration of her […]