Universal basic income is not a magic solution, but it could help millions

Then there are claims that it would harm the disabled or deprive people of housing or childcare. But basic income replaces part, not all, of the welfare state. That is because it is not welfare, it is an income. When you receive an income, you don’t require the same level of support. So additional needs […]

Bay Area builders scramble to shut down job sites as construction joins stay-home list

In the case of 950 Market St., the developer bought a parcel at 180 Jones St. and gave it to the city for affordable housing. The developer also agreed to contribute $12 million to build 70 units there. The land dedication and contribution, which then-Supervisor Jane Kim advocated for, will result in far more affordable […]

Police and fire departments warn supplies for first responders running dangerously low

Noel Hardin, a fire chief in Asotin County, Washington, near the Idaho border, said his rural county is one of the few in Washington state that hasn’t had a coronavirus case — yet. As a result, they haven’t received supplies from the state, which has only been able to fill a portion of requests from […]

Universal basic income trials being considered in Scotland

Kerr accepts that, while he is hopeful of cross-party support in Glasgow, there are “months of work ahead”, including first arranging a feasibility study in order to present a strong enough evidence base for a pilot. “But if there is ever a case to be made then you need to test it in a place […]

Trump’s Covid-19 lapse gives China an opening

The same week that Trump announced his travel restrictions on Europeans, the Chinese sent a planeload of medical supplies to Italy. Thousands of Chinese masks, ventilators, and test kits have been arriving across Europe, in some cases accompanied by Chinese medics. Such assistance may be part of a Chinese charm offensive, but the bottom line […]

‘What are you waiting for?’ California governor appeals to 11 states that haven’t ordered residents to stay home

Many hospitals have warned they’re running out of space and supplies. In Georgia, Kemp said on the first day of April at least 3,520 medical surgery beds, 450 hospital beds and 1,006 ventilators were available. But he cited one study that showed the state could reach “peak hospital capacity” in about three weeks.

A sudden drop in income: What are your options?

“Your attitude towards life and ability to handle big knocks will determine how successful you are. There will be some people who find it all too hard and give up. Others will see the opportunities that any crisis creates and will be flexible and resourceful enough to adapt to a new world.

Arizona’s Hair and Nail Salon Workers Call on Governor to Take Them Off List of Essential Services: ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’

But those that have decided to shut down for the safety of their families are still forced to pay rent since the closure wasn’t mandatory. “For those that own a small business or rent a suite, all the blood sweat and tears we have put in to keep our businesses will all be for nothing […]

​Much-awaited bridge in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta opens​

The Cao Lanh Bridge in Dong Thap Province, Vietnam, is seen the aerial perspective. Photo: Tuoi Tre A bird’s eye view of part of the Cao Lanh Bridge in Dong Thap Province, Vietnam. Photo: Tuoi Tre Children pose for photos before the inauguration of the Cao Lanh Bridge in Dong Thap Province, Vietnam, May 27, […]

Tiger King: What happened to Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe?

Jeff’s also unhappy with how he was portrayed in the film: “They touched on about 10 per cent of the story and, you know, the portrayal of us stealing the zoo from Joe was very unfair because we came here to help him, we got it back on its feet,” he told TMX News.