Boris Johnson’s low-paid migrants ban ‘disaster’ as builders, bakers and care face big hit

“And while the paper is almost silent on families, we know that many thousands more couples will be split apart and parents separated from their kids, by extending the scope of the harsh family visa rules.”

Labor Day celebrates workers. But this year, 1 in 5 are unemployed

The pandemic has exposed the inequality between front-line workers such as janitors and child-care workers and higher-earning Americans, said Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, which represents almost 2 million workers in service industries such as health care and public services. These service jobs are more likely held by people of […]

Gas station secured small business bailout money, then paid for Trump billboards

The PPP program was the subject of significant controversy in its initial stages after revelations that large publicly-traded companies like Shake Shack and the operator of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse had received millions of dollars in PPP loans — which they ended up returning. The SBA and Treasury Department issued guidance around the same time reiterating […]

UK unemployment at 10-year low as wage growth edges up

The Bank of England has floated several possible explanations for low pay growth, including: the number of hours worked per person per week may have started to decline; employment growth has been skewed towards lower paid jobs; or that the low level of headline inflation may be leading to less generous pay rises.

Auto-enrolment: 11 million workers to join company pension schemes

Pitt-Watson says these schemes provide better returns, partly because they are low cost to administer. He quotes a study of Dutch pension schemes showing that while charges for a collective DC scheme were on average 0.15% of total assets, the average charges for an individual DC scheme were 1.27%. Even this small difference can have […]

The London council that fines drivers £130 for using PUBLIC roads: Hammersmith and Fulham chiefs expand spy camera scheme to snare ‘outsider’ motorists in latest war on cars in the capital

Mr Cousens also warned that the ‘war on motorists’ is likely to continue as councils across the UK receive £45million from a total £225million to spend on emergency cycling provisions, as part of the drive to encourage people out of their cars to get fit in the war against coronavirus.

Which country has the world’s best healthcare system?

A mission statement set in 1948 for a universal service free at the point of use is under strain like never before. People are still able to see a GP free of charge – though booking an appointment is becoming harder. It will cost nothing to call out an ambulance and go through A&E, to […]

Pret a Manger axes 2,800 roles from its coffee and sandwich bars – as office workers continue to avoid town centres

Jeremy Thomson-Cook, chief economist at Equals Money, said: says: ’Despite the rebound, we have doubts over the sustainability of wider consumer spending given the closure of the furlough scheme in October and the chances of a second wave of Covid-19 limiting access to some facets of the retail environment once again through winter. 

More companies pledge to give workers time to vote

Corporate voter drives say the pledge is important even as the coronavirus hastens the move toward mail-in voting. In 2016, 42% of ballots were cast before Election Day; this year, that will likely rise to 60%, said Michael Traugott, a research professor emeritus at the University of Michigan’s Center for Political Studies.

The Guardian view on the pandemic’s impact on women: sound the alarm

In the face of such chilling predictions, it would be reassuring to think that ministers were considering the needs of different groups. One of the simplest ways to help women and low-income families would be to increase child benefit. Yet while the government’s recovery plan appears focused on construction (“build, build, build”), women are notably […]