‘The fear has gone’ – Sri Lankans hope for peace and reform under new president

But there is still the possibility of Rajapaksa, who won 47% of the vote in January, mounting a comeback attempt. Taxi drivers, cooks and shopkeepers in working-class neighbourhoods in Colombo blame the ousted president’s entourage for the steeply rising prices of basic foodstuffs and major development projects that do not seem to have improved their […]

Christchurch shooting suspect will face 50 murder charges, say New Zealand police

Responding to claims parliament was rushing the law change, Police Association president Chris Cahill said successive governments had already failed to address the issue. “Is it time to act? Are we being to quick? No, we’ve been far too slow,” he said.

Revealed: 80% of new Covid-19 cases in one part of Greater Manchester are among white people as local health boss warns of ‘complacent middle class’

Speaking on the BBC Newscast podcast, Ms Roaf said: ‘In those areas where you’ve got very big households, you’ve got quite a lot of people all mixing together and quite often they are working in occupations where they have a lot of face to face contact with people.’

Victoria records 439 new coronavirus cases and 11 more deaths as Premier Daniel Andrews announces massive $4,957 on-the-spot fines to crackdown on quarantine dodgers – and flights into the state are cancelled

Pictured: Empty trams cross in front of Flinders Street Station on Sunday. Melbourne residents are banned from leaving their homes between 8pm and 5am other than for a small number of essential reasons under an unprecedented night-time curfew

$5300 fines for isolation breaches as Victoria records 439 new cases, 13 deaths

Giving more details on those new fines, which will be the heftiest in the state’s statutes, Andrews said if there were repeat breaches, such as a person going to work when they had the virus, they could be taken to the Magistrates Court where the maximum penalty would be $20,000 (NZ$21,525).

Vigilante Diaries Preview Introduces a New Kind of Anti-Hero | EXCLUSIVE

Paul Sloan also starred in and wrote and starred in a web series version of The Vigiliante Diaries that aired between 2013 and 2014. We’ll have to wait and see if The Vigilante Diaries movie is successful enough to spawn any follow-ups on the big screen or small. Until then, take a look at our […]

Sri Lanka’s new president sworn in

“With this victory we will implement the 100-day programme in our election manifesto,” Sirisena told jubilant crowds in Colombo after his swearing-in. Sirisena had promised to change Sri Lanka’s constitution to drastically reduce the power of the president and return the country to a parliamentary system with a prime minister as its leader.

Coronavirus: Close pubs and shops before schools in any new lockdowns, children’s commissioner says

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Itching, burning and tenderness are sign of ‘new coronavirus symptom’, doc warns

“Yes, we are wearing basic PPE but,this is why it is imperative for practitioners to be aware of this relatively new symptom of the virus, because, if this is actually a sign of Covid, we should be stepping up our protection for the staff and for our other patients.”

Two new COVID-19 cases linked to Da Nang outbreak

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam reported two COVID-19 cases on August 5 morning, both linked to the outbreak in the central city of Da Nang, according to the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control. The new patients live in Da Nang’s neighbouring province of Quang Nam, the committee said. With the latest update, Vietnam’s […]