Goodbye Surfing, Hello God: Brian Wilson’s Tortured Effort to Finish ‘Smile’

“I’m writing a teenage symphony to God,” Brian Wilson told dinner guests on an October evening. He then played for them the collection of black acetate trial records that lay piled on the floor of his red-imitation-velvet-wallpapered bedroom with its leopard-print bedspread. In the bathroom, above the washbasin, there was a plastic color picture of Jesus Christ […]

All 285 Jay-Z Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best

279. “Pretty Girls,” Unfinished Business (2004): In 2002, Jay-Z and R. Kelly joined forces for The Best of Both Worlds, an unprecedented duet album uniting two hip-hop and R&B giants. The project was doomed, though, once a video that allegedly shows the Chicago singer having sex with (and urinating on) an underage girl began making […]

The Lonely Island explain their bonkers Bash Brothers visual album

You were aiming for a very, very particular audience with this. Was that part of the fun of it? It’s so specific.ANDY SAMBERG: Everyone we knew kept asking what we were working on, and we’d be like, “This thing that we’re making for no one.” But we hoped that the general themes and the fun […]

Madonna Announces New Album

Madonna continued to tease the long-awaited record on Instagram, first filling her entire feed with a large red “X” against a black background, and later sharing a larger version of a note featured in the clip that reads, “She is a cha cha instructor, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a […]