Harry Dunn’s family urge Home Secretary Priti Patel to consider ‘virtual trial’ for alleged killer Anne Sacoolas so she can be tried without leaving the US

“Now the ‘loophole’ that allowed Anne Sacoolas to claim diplomatic immunity has been closed by our Foreign Secretary’s excellent efforts, it must be clear to all that the claim of immunity was the wrong thing to do and that a virtual trial is a way to achieve closure for Harry’s family without undermining the US […]

Green Bay Packers’ Devin Funchess and Philadelphia Eagles’ Marquise Goodwin opt out of 2020 NFL season

Also See: Patriots’ Hightower opts out of 2020 season Bucs’ Arians says ‘no chance’ he’ll coach from box Vikings’ first-round pick Jefferson on Covid-19 list NFL: Fans must wear face masks

NFL: Full list of players to opt out of 2020 season

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Cameron Smith: Minnesota Vikings linebacker to have heart surgery and miss season

“I found out I need open heart surgery to fix a bicuspid aortic valve that I was born with,” Smith posted on Instagram. “Although this will unfortunately end my 2020 season, it is really a blessing that we found this as my heart is severely enlarged and wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

School year begins for some New Mexico districts

Trujillo said educators participated in more than 350 professional development webinars to prepare for the start of virtual classes and laptops and tablets were ordered at the beginning of the summer with the aim of every student having access to a device. Some students are still waiting though due to shipping delays and social distancing […]

Kubica: Tough 2019 season worth it to “close a chapter”

Asked if he thought his return had been worthwhile, Kubica said “I will not say it was worth it or not” before adding: “I’m a person who is living for challenges, which is living for trying to achieve the targets and trying to achieve what your path is.

College Football Considering 2 Seasons in 2021, Spring and Fall

One source tells us … it will be up to players if they want to stay on campus or return to their homes. With most classes available online and no team practices allowed until January, some players will see no reason to stay.

We must mask-up, return to work, reopen schools — in order to kick-start economy like our competitors

Much faster approvals, 300,000 new homes a year and reforms to ensure fairer competition with big developers could prove a goldmine for Sun-reading self-employed builders too.

Facebook Sleuth Group Started to Crack Carole Baskin Husband’s Case

So, what does that all mean??? According to Don’s family and this crack Facebook team of investigators, it points to the possibility that Carole wasn’t truthful with her timeline … and that Don may very well be under the ground, like Joe Exotic himself suggested in the docuseries.

Anne Diamond: ‘Winter preparedness’ in a Covid-19 year is going to take on a whole new urgency

That’s when government ­leaders and health officials knew something dangerous was on the horizon but failed to have a plan and faffed about for too long, blithely telling us they were “following the science”.