Donald Trump says he backs mail-in voting in Florida because the state has a has a ‘great Republican governor’ and features ‘low taxes’ – but continues to trash Nevada’s universal ballot plan

In addition to his claims of fraud, Trump argued that voting by mail would delay the determination of the election’s victor, noting that the winner of a New York Democratic congressional primary vote conducted by mail weeks ago remains undeclared. Trump said he believes that race would need to be ‘rerun.’

Donald Trump compares himself to Churchill keeping London calm during the Nazi bombing and FDR during the depression in new defense for not telling the truth about COVID

He noted that he had limited travel from China, where the virus apparently originated, ‘so, obviously, outwardly I said it’s a very serious problem. … That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump up and down in the air and start saying “people are going to die, people are going to die.” No, no, I’m not […]

How Far Will Donald Trump Go to Win?

The husband and wife who lived in the house were our last door for the day. The wife eyed us warily at first, but soon warmed up and came out on the porch. Her husband took notice and joined the conversation. The couple nodded along as Sug (pronounced shug) talked about the greed of big […]

Fight Night: Donald Trump Hosts Justin Gaethje, Colby Covington, Dana White at Nevada Rally

“These are not people you want to pick a fight with,” Trump said, pointing them out during the rally. “Because under those beautiful suits are a lot of muscle, a lot of power, a lot of genius for fighting, and other things.”

Has Any American Killed More Americans Than Donald Trump?

“No American has killed more of their fellow Americans in this country than Donald Trump, except for Robert E. Lee and Jefferson fucking Davis,” he says. “No one has a body count to rival Trump’s. He knew it. He knew it was there. He did it. He let it happen. It is the most unbelievable […]

Cardi B Rages About ‘Racist’ MAGA Supporters After Her Sister Harassed in the Hamptons

“Joe Biden sat down with me to speak with me,” Cardi B resounding in a separate video. “But let me tell you something … why wouldn’t Joe Biden want to sit down with me, Cardi B? I have millions of followers and I pay millions in taxes. I have the number one song in this […]

Trump shifts, encourages vote by mail — in Florida

Florida is an important battleground state that Trump won in 2016. Recent polls have shown the president trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe BidenJoe BidenTed Cruz, longtime fan of ‘The Princess Bride,’ swipes at cast members’ plans to reunite to raise money for Democrats What Joe Biden owes Kenosha Trump casts wide net in Labor Day […]

I Personally Know How President Trump Pays Respect to Our Fallen Heroes | Opinion

“The soldiers are at Dover [New Hampshire]. We should go to Dover. Does anybody mind if we cut the rally short and head back to make it?” No time was permitted for a response. He had already made the call and given the order. “We are going to Dover.” He returned to his office not […]

Trump supporters & Proud Boys armed with paint guns clash with BLM protesters at pro-police & QAnon rally near Portland

This weekend, Portland police arrested 15 people, mostly from the Portland area but others from California, Washington, and Arizona, for allegedly setting a fire outside a police precinct in the city’s north side.

Beverly Hills Face-Off Between Trump Supporters And BLM Sees Fists Flying

Fist fights reportedly broke out between the groups, who gathered at Beverly Gardens Park in the city. About 200 pro-Trump activists met several dozen BLM supporters. The confrontation may have been a spillover from earlier incidents, with one flashpoint being the BLM street painting at Hollywood and Highland miles from the Beverly Hills scene.