‘Curveball’: Film Review

Like dogged conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder of “The X-Files,” Wolf wants to believe. We meet him in 1997, four years before the World Trade Center attack, scouring Iraq with a multinational inspection team exasperated by their inability to find weapons of mass destruction. This prologue establishes not only how desperately Wolf yearns to be proved […]

‘Clover’: Film Review

You can certainly sense that lowbrow cult favorite’s influence in the dynamic between the brothers Callahan, two orphaned “micks” in an unnamed East Coast city running their family’s corner bar. Or at least they were, until haplessly impulsive Jackie (Mark Webber) piles up gambling debts, exasperating older sibling Mickey (Abrahams) yet again. Now the bar […]

‘Blue Story’: Film Review

“Blue Story,” an expanded version of one of his earliest efforts (from 2014), made a splash in the U.K. when it opened there in 2019, and Paramount Pictures had planned to release it in the U.S. on March 20. The release got scuttled, yet there remains an allure to the thinking behind it: the idea […]

‘One of These Days’: Film Review

By contrast, Bindler’s documentary — which predates the reality-TV craze by a few years — celebrated people so colorful they would’ve been right at home in a Christopher Guest movie. To represent them accurately in a scripted feature would get any contemporary director accused of racism or worse, so Günther tones down the inherent eccentricity […]

‘Almost Love’: Film Review

The seven-year-itch arrives a couple of years early for Adam and Marklin in independent romantic comedy “Almost Love.” Could that be because they’re gay men? Adam tries to tamp down that thought shortly after he and Marklin celebrate their fifth anniversary. Maybe it’s because they aren’t yet hitched, even though gay marriage has been an […]

Dumbo review: Burton’s live-action film delivers less remake more fleshed out story

Underneath the bright colours, flashing lights and showmanship there’s also a pro-animal rights agenda as it condemns how Mrs Jumbo and the other animals are treated. Add to that the commentary on the outsider overthrowing the corporate cold overlord and you have a story that has a lot to say.

Poachers turned gamekeepers: when film critics get behind the camera

“I probably became a worse critic around that time,” laughs Lawrenson. “I’m sure if you looked back at the reviews I did while we were making Abandoned Goods, you’d find they got a lot more sympathetic. Flaws in a film became understandable to me rather than a reason to get upset. In a way, that’s […]

Profile review – Skyping-with-Isis thriller dials up the suspense

Cinema is currently deciding how it meets the challenge of representing the way modern life and modern experience is increasingly happening online. The recent supernatural horror-thriller Unfriended had the ingenious idea of playing out its entire drama on one computer screen in real time, a kind of found-footage 2.0, switching between Facebook, Skype and instant […]

Wanted review – boring, risk-free thriller abut secret fraternity of assassins

Wes is evidently hated by the forces of darkness because, quite without knowing it, he is a ninja of topping people; his own father, a master assassin whom he never knew, has just been killed by the shadowy opposition. It is his fate to be a master killer, and it is the job of Jolie […]

The Whalebone Box review – baffling, beguiling trek to a distant shore

What we are seeing here is the creation of a ritualised dramatic fiction, a film about a mysterious object that is itself a mysterious object, and the participants must enter into the spirit of it all with a straight face. The audience need not make exactly that commitment, although you do have to indulge it.