France hopes expanded Euro 2016 can shake off security fears to flourish

Short of a plague of locusts, little has gone right for the hosts in the run-up to the tournament. When it was announced that France would host the first European Championship to be expanded from 16 to 24 teams, many fans across the continent rubbed their hands at the prospect. Facing the prospect of logistically […]

A local’s guide to virtual Venice

Several of the major islands on the Venice lagoon – Torcello, Murano, Burano – have their own specialist museums. Normal years see many tourists heading to Murano to visit its famous glass-blowing furnaces, so the Museo del Vetro there is usually busy. But the virtual tour offers a chance to discover one of the world’s […]

‘This thing is going to come for us all’: Number of Americans out of work by next month could soar to 20 MILLION as economists warn no one is safe from rapidly increasing unemployment toll amid coronavirus pandemic

Ten million Americans are now jobless amid coronavirus pandemic after record 6.6million new unemployment claims are filed in one week The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits last week has shot to a record 6.6 million – as layoffs increased amid the coronavirus pandemic and more states enforced stay-at-home orders.  

Increase in Oil Output Will Lead to Very Low Oil Prices, Not Benefit Any Country – Kremlin

“Naturally we see that our partners from Saudi Arabia offered unprecedented discounts, they resorted to an unprecedented increase in production. This has resulted in a situation, where all the oil storage in the world will soon be filled to a maximum. Tankers are already being used not as transport for crude, but as floating containers. […]

Let’s stick together: Labour’s first-termers share their hopes and fears for 2016

Jess Phillips : ‘All of you, pack it in! Let’s change the sodding world’ It might just be because I may lack imagination, but I cannot foresee a Labour split. Two parties, one from the Corbyn left and one New Labour, would be a plague on both their houses. Both the New Labour gang and […]

What Gov. Gavin Newsom needs to do to protect state’s water future

Fortunately, there’s a consensus about how to keep us safe from these floods — restoring floodplains. Giving rivers more room to handle high flows will save lives. It will also recharge groundwater, restore fertile habitat for juvenile salmon, and give Central Valley communities more parks and recreational opportunities. There’s broad support for this “multi-benefit” flood […]

Dambusters WWII hero, aged 96, and two bishops from the same church in Wolverhampton are amongst Britain’s latest coronavirus victims

The Dambusters: How bouncing bombs – and incredible flying by RAF pilots – flooded the Ruhr valley and delivered a crucial blow to the Nazi war machine  On May 16, 1943, 19 Lancaster bomber crews gathered at a remote RAF station in Lincolnshire for a mission of extraordinary daring – a night-time raid on three […]

Outbreak starts to look more like worldwide economic crisis

“If we start to see more cases in the United States, if we start to see people not traveling domestically, if we start to see people stay home from work and from stores, then I think the hit is going to get substantially worse,” said Gus Faucher, an economist at PNC Financial.

Bet on these 33 stocks having low financial leverage, strong competitive positioning

It was a complete devastation of every asset class in a short span of time by the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, which reportedly started from China — the world’s second largest economy — and spread to other parts of the world in a couple of months.

Hungarian diplomats on the Korean battlefield

Mózes CsomaAmbassador of Hungary to Korea1. Preparing a camouflaged building for the Hungarian medical team in North Korea in August, 1950. 2. Hungarian envoy Sandor Simics (1901-1976), who served in North Korea during the first phase of the Korean War. [Hungarian Embassy]The first moment Hungarian diplomats in Pyongyang realized the seriousness of the Korean War […]