Washington fiddles in the Balkans while COVID flames engulf the world

Serbia today is led by President Aleksandar Vucic, a Serbian nationalist who is using ethnic hatred as a political tool to gain local political support — just as Slobodan Milosevic did in the 1990s. Today, Serbian leaders in Belgrade continue to foster division and hostility in both Bosnia and Kosovo. Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich PutinOvernight Energy: […]

‘We’ll meet again’: Queen Elizabeth invokes WW2 spirit to defeat coronavirus

LONDON (Reuters) – Queen Elizabeth told the British people on Sunday that they would overcome the coronavirus outbreak if they stayed resolute in the face of lockdown and self-isolation, invoking the spirit of World War Two in an extremely rare broadcast to the nation.

Boris Johnson hospitalised for tests after persistent coronavirus symptoms

Downing Street refused to say what tests Johnson was to have in hospital, but experts said a person of the prime minister’s age with COVID-19 symptoms after 10 days would be likely be assessed for their oxygen levels, lung, liver and heart functions, and undergo an electrocardiogram heart check.

Security row over EU Galileo satellite project as Britain is shut out

Gyimah said: “The government has been clear that our preference is to contribute fully to Galileo as part of a deep security partnership with the EU, and that negotiations should be allowed to run their course. By forcing through this vote, while excluding UK companies from the contracts on unfounded security grounds, the European Commission […]

Coronavirus: Taiwan’s Covid-19 strategy sets an example as total number of cases remain under 400

“Taiwan leveraged its national health insurance database and integrated it with its immigration and customs database to begin the creation of big data for analytics; it generated real-time alerts during a clinical visit based on travel history and clinical symptoms to aid case identification. It also used new technology, including QR code scanning and online […]

Coronavirus outbreak: Why I’m coming around on wearing a face mask

As a Westerner, I’ve always been amused by people wearing facial masks in public. I recall a particular moment in the late 1990s, when I was part of a small group hiking in the Himalayas, at high altitude on a sunny day, in thin and pristine air, and with nary a human in sight. Suddenly, a […]

Apathy or antipathy? Why so few young people vote

This makes sense, because this is a generation used to thinking of themselves in terms of overlapping identities – black, gay, feminist, atheist, working-class, Muslim, transgender, Asian, disabled, Scottish and so on. This has had a twofold effect. The first is positive: it has created great energy behind social justice movements such as feminism, and […]

Vietravel Airlines’ plan for first flights postponed due to COVID-19

Vietnamese airlines are among many others around the world suffering heavy losses caused by COVID-19. According to the estimations of Vietnamese airlines, the transport ministry said that the initial damage due to stopping flights is about VNĐ30 trillion (US$1.3 billion).

Coronavirus: Sweden May Release Illegal Migrants Set For Deportation

Swedish Left Party MP Daniel Riazat even recommended the public hide migrants up for deportation from the police, saying: “My message to all who can: Hide a refugee. If it becomes illegal. Hide two! It’s called Civil Courage and Humanity!”

‘Russian Threat’ on Hold as Battle With COVID-19 Sets New Priorities for NATO, West

“Russia and corona are not comparable. You need another state actor. Corona is comparative with SARS or another virus”, he said. According to Sadik, the world today is not only busy thinking about fighting the pandemic but also about the day after. He believes that many things will change after the end of the outbreak, […]