Mumbai University Releases First Merit List for UG Courses; Check at

The Mumbai University has released the first merit list for undergraduate courses. Students who applied for admission can check the list on the official website of the university at They can also see a cut-off list on the websites of colleges affiliated to the Mumbai University. Earlier, the list was expected to come out […]

Manage your anxiety in September by list-making and eating a balanced diet

“But think about the route of the problem. Has that aspect of your life been stuck in a rut for a while? Or are you just dreading the monotony of life after a fun-filled august?

Daytona road course entry lists

NASCAR is prohibiting drivers from competing in more than one series this weekend on the Daytona road course in an effort to get extra track time. NASCAR states that is to make the event fair for everyone.

Former Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas puts listed four-bedroom riverside home he shared with late wife Gemma on the market £895,000

He has recently shared photographs with his new partner, Derrina Jebb, 29, who he has credited for making his young son ‘feel like he has a family’ again (Pictured: Mr Thomas with Ms Jebb and Ethan)

China Outpaces US With Record 133 Firms on Fortune 500 List for First Time in History Amid Trade War

“There were precisely zero Global 500 companies based in mainland China in 1990 when we began our survey. Today there are more giant for-profit enterprises there than anywhere else on earth,” Fortune magazine editor-in-chief, Clifton Leaf, said in a statement. According to the list, 53 Japanese firms, 31 French companies, 27 German firms and 22 […]

The skincare rules you’re getting all wrong! A-list esthetician reveals face wipes are NOT the devil, blue light from screens won’t age you, and why too much SPF is counterproductive

She says: ‘While sleeping we release cytokines they regulate your immune system, so it’s very important to be ready for this – why do we bathe babies at night and not in the morning. We want them to be all relaxed and to be all prepared for restful sleep.’

UPCOM-listed companies largely rely on joint ventures

Hanoi (VNS/VNA) – Some UPCOM-listed companies are enjoying stable earnings brought by joint ventures they established with foreign partners, but their core businesses remain insignificant. These joint ventures are usually foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in which State-owned enterprises contribute capital and land use rights, while foreign companies contribute money and technology. The Vietnam Engine […]

Picking Kamala Harris makes history, but will it make a difference in November?

The only reaction Democrats should have to Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris for his running mate is a warm embrace of his new running mate. Harris is not only a historic pick, as the first Black and Asian American woman to be on a national ticket for either party, but she is young, tough as […]

Going solo? Michael Clarke is nowhere to be seen as Pip Edwards parties with her A-list pals including Joel Edgerton and his girlfriend Christine Centenera for the Hollywood actor’s birthday

Party time! Pip Edwards enjoyed a night out with friends on Tuesday, as she attended the 46th birthday party for actor Joel Edgerton. Pictured with Mikey Nolan (left) and Joel’s fashion director girlfriend, Christine Centenera (right), who works at Vogue Australia

Android 11 to make autofill for passwords even better with keyboard integration

Surreal world of beats Beat Racer dazzles with an incredible soundtrack and addicting gameplay This week’s game highlight comes thumping in with some awesome music. Beat Racer is a fun runner title with fantastic visuals, an ear-pleasing electronic soundtrack, and addicting gameplay.